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  1. Pretty Epic adventure. Enjoyed following you and glad you are safe.
  2. Does that mean I get to turn back the clock 11 years?
  3. I think it's possible to get a good drawing sail yourself, but I'm with Thrillsbe on that subject. By the time you buy the materials, it's about as cheap to buy one and the B & B sails are great. As for the keel, both Skeena and Suzy J have White Oak keels. Tough as nails, closed cell wood great for this application. The rub is that being closed cell they don't glue great, but I have a cheap blade for my table saw with a bent tooth. It makes a great glue surface and I've never had a problem. The rest of the boats bits are SYP from lowes, like Paul said, culled from sorting over many visits. It's light, and in the type of use these boats get good enough. Have fun with your build. I'm taking my 11N out this morning for Father's day!
  4. These next couple of days pushing on up to Delaware bay should be interesting!
  5. I had my son 3-D print a pump pickup that fits a bilge pump. It functions to fill the tank quietly, but can easily be used to empty the tank as well by moving a hose. The relevant part is I put the Anderson bailer in as close to the center-line as practical. By leaving it open on the trailer, any residual water is gone after a drive of any kind. We also have inspections here and they are pretty serious. If there is residual water you aren't launching without treatment. I have seen the results of invasive species here and wouldn't want to contribute.
  6. I can't get enough of this thread/document/spot track. If you bring up google earth next to the spot track, you can click on images and get a feel for what Graham is going through. I'll bet it is a birders dream. I'm particularly interested in seeing what happens as he continues north. This shallow water seems perfect for Carlita. I'm not far away from retirement and could see doing this trip. I'm glad to have someone with Graham's experience lead the way.
  7. Hey Andy, I hope you are enjoying WildCat, or whatever name she has these days. I really was sad when you pulled away with her. She was 13 years mine and if she could talk she'd have a lot to say. I don't have much to add, but there is a classified page here that occasionally has a CS for sale. Also, I'd act quick on getting a boat for the kids. That family will grow fast. I thought WildCat would sail with Skeena piloted by my boys, but the build took too long and away they went.
  8. I hated to take the time during sailing season, but all of Amos's points are good ones, and the only negative is the lack of "scoop" effect. I'll rig up some kind of canvas alternative to keep the breeze all night, even in rain as the previous hatch did. I am much further along, but here is an early pic. I made two rails and the plywood hatches and fit them nicely. They slide real good. I imagined myself forward working the anchor, moving my down-haul, tying reefs, and that seems really great. My tip up hatch made that difficult as un-dogging it took too long and it tipping up into the sail path was problematic. Early in the process: I'll take another pic tonight, because the "garage" that spans the rails and holds the solar panel is done. I can route my panel without having a need to hinge the wires. The downside is a dodger is no longer in my future, unless it is created to be at the aft of the garage. And lastly, I had to trim down the forward coming that was already epoxied in place. My orbital sander with 60 grit made short work of it.
  9. I'm in Upstate NY near Rochester, probably too far for you to travel to see, but I love the boat, and I'd be happy to take you sailing. But you have a bunch of red flags in your post. To have one built to the point of sailing it I think would cost quite a bit. Off the top of my head I would thing at least 30k but probably more. Add a a motor and trailer and that certainly isn't a great value in today's market. I built mine and enjoyed it, and considered that part of the fun (except all that sanding!). A friend just bought a Bayraider Expedition from Swallow boats ($45k). He said "but you saved so much money!" I would say that if I had a minimum wage job and worked the hours it took me to build Skeena and the cost othe kit and extras it would be a wash. A pro could probably work faster, but there is a lot of work. His boat has a way higher resale value. But again, I enjoyed the build (except all the sanding!) and I have the pride of building and sailing a boat I built myself.
  10. Great pic. Congratulations on your progress. Our family is finally all vaccinated and things are way more normal. It's good to see faces again. Good luck!
  11. Exciting trip that i on my bucket list. I hope you can give us updates along the way. stay safe!
  12. About the hatch. When I built Skeena, the hatch design wasn't finished. I sort of copied Graham's, but my solar panel was different, so it's a bit different. After living with it for awhile I don't like it. To go up through the fore-hatch requires me to un-dog it and it wants to close unless I tighten the supports. While I have all my lines leading aft, the anchor roller, the forward reef ties and an occasional snag have required me to go on the fore deck, which is flat-out dangerous. I really liked the idea of the trench hatch, but I have decided that Chick's sliding hatch which Amos also used might be better. quick to open and shut, no interference with the mainsail are all the reasons I plan to make the switch. I think that standing on the bunk filler I made should allow me to tie the reef lines, and deplyo the anchor from the safety of the hatch. Amos and Chick and anyone else.....thoughts?
  13. She's a beauty! Nice work! And like Don, I like the wishbone sprits.
  14. Last Saturday my daughter and I launched Skeena in St Michaels, MD and spent two nights aboard, sailing with 7 other boats, leaving Monday before the rain. Her are a few pics. Skeena was amazing. I continue to get used to her. I do plan on changing the hatch to a sliding one like Chick and Amos. I'll discuss this later. Getting to spend a couple of days with my daughter is always special. Before we spent time sailing we were in DC checking out law schools! I felt a little guilty having a cabin, but not too guilty...... We were all vaccinated. Yeah! There was very little our last day, but I had to try the mizzen staysail. About the time I got her out it started raining, so I never had time to play much....... Life's good. Let the summer begin!
  15. I haven't sailed the entire Chesapeake, but a lot of it. I will be adding a bunch of pics to Skeena's page, as I just got back from taking her to the Chesapeake and sailing for three days. It was amazing. We gunkholed in a few spot where the water wasn't a foot deep at low tide and watched the Ospreys, Herons and Eagles work their prey. The Chesapeake is just an amazing body of water, and the CS Mark III boats are perfect. Bring good screens, but I guess you know that. I never an get used to the size of bugs in warmer climates.
  16. I'm heading for a cruise on the Chesapeake with my daughter, but we are stopping in Washington for a college visit. I'd really like to dump Skeena somewhere between the bay bridge and Washington that is secure. I'd be happy to pay. Tanks, Steve
  17. So here is what I did for years on my Sea Pearl, never losing an expensive brass oarlock. Take a piece of light chord, tie it to that tiny hole. Take the other end and make a loop big enough to slip over the oarlock. That's it. If they pull out they just hang themselves. No way you can lose them. And you can just pull the oarlock off and let it hang down on the chord when not in use.
  18. Ha! People ask me all the time how many hours it took to build Skeena. My answer is always "should I include the thinking hours?"
  19. Jay, this is looking amazing. I am planning to finally bring Skeena to the Messabout this year. Hope the MF is there!
  20. I tried to paint the interior neatly and leave the deck beams exposed. It just didn't work and I painted the interior with good quality paint, all one color. Looks awesome and touch up is not stressful. Decided to not let perfection be the enemy of good......
  21. I can only compare the Suzuki 2.5 and the Honda 2, which is now 2.3. Both pushed my CS 20.3 just fine. I loved the Honda until I got the Suzuki. It's a lot quieter and has a real F-N shift and not that centrifugal clutch the Honda had. They both weigh about the same and are real good on gas. I've thought about having a bigger motor to run tides, but light weight is key. I do like the sound of the this: https://www.epropulsion.com/spirit-evo/ I have had Skeena plenty times over 4 knots and the fact it could charge itself looks promising.
  22. Flashback building horror! I made a beautiful thwart out of Spanish Cedar, carefully measuring. Wen I beveled the slots to match the slope on the sides I did it on the wrong side. That screwed up piece taunted me until it became trim for the companion way on Skeena. BTW, she looks great!
  23. This exciting to see. Will you bring the MF (ha!) to the Messabout? I am planning on finally bringing Skeena.
  24. I've watched this video many times. I hope to do the EC next year if all goes well this summer and there is a lot to ponder in what you provided. I've found my CS20.3 quite weatherly, but it's light weight can be a liability in a steep chop. I also think she already presents a big profile with the raised deck, so others beat me to it with the suggestion the dodger isn't your friend going to weather. I do have question.....did you ever row the boat and if so, how did that go? Take Care, Steve
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