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  1. Andy, it makes me happy to see that picture. WildCat was pretty tender (wild) and the name was chosen from my daughter's reading of the Swallows and Amazon's series. I always liked that name for her. She treated my family well and I have many similar pictures.


    Skeena was the name of our family cat. She was supposed to be Christina but my daughter at 4 had a hard time saying it and she became Skeena. I'm pretty happy with that name.


    Tim, I bought a stamp at Michaels for 5 bucks and a stamp pad for another 6. Deciding the way cats walk was the hard part. I looked at all kinds of prints on line and finally decided to not let perfection be the enemy of good. The stamp pad is permanent brown ink and it worked great. I did practice on a piece of paper. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Also, getting my current cat Leo to do anything useful would be problematic. He's never getting a boat named after him unless I build something useless. Here he is in front of the heater sleeping. 

    2024-02-17 09.43.43-1.jpg

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  2. Glad you all like it. If you go this route, the swing arm needs about 10 minutes with a file to clean up the machining, followed by some paste wax to make it all slide on the dovetails smoothly.  The parts are very nice quality and once you do this, it's a great upgrade. 

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  3. After spending so much time on the boat going to the MASCF and then on Amos and my travel to the Messabout, I got really thinking about a table. Mostly I cook and spend most time in the cockpit, but there were some times after the bugs came out and I was in the cabin I just needed some horizontal space.


    My friend Doug mentioned an idea of a table mount he's seen on a camper van conversion. I wound up getting a mount on Amazon and here are a few pics. 2024-05-0512_53_46.thumb.jpg.e306d0bdff6e781704b536bfdc699f5f.jpg

    The boat is named after a cat, so I added a little whimsy on the top. It's just a 1/2 piece of maple plywood with a maple edge. The top is big enough for two to eat or play cards. 



    It's hard to tell from this picture, but the mount is through the bulkhead. It came with a backing plate that makes the whole rig rock solid. You can also see the pivot from the table is offset making for many options of table placement. 


    Each of the connections has a built in "wrench" to tighten everything down. It's amazingly sturdy. The best part is that it pops off in two seconds and can be stowed out of the way. I sized the table so it will fit in the locker aft of the bunks, but my guess is that I'll just lay it on the back part of the bunk while sailing. 


    The video shows best:


    Link to part


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  4. I came across some video footage on my phone from back at MASCF last October. This was taken by my friend Joe right after the start which is a strange downwind leg. The last clip is right before we put Skeena back in the Slip.



    I ultimately made a strategic mistake by being in the lead and not knowing which channel marker indicated the next leg of the race. I was in the lead and looked back to wonder why nobody was following. By the time I realized my mistake, I'd lost significant ground. But its a race for fun anyway and Skeena and her new centerboard performed awesome.    

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  5. These are the ones I bought.



    They are pretty stiff. For the application, I was convinced I needed collapsible poles. Truth is that I roll up the tarp with the poles still in the sleeve and store it below in one long package along the starboard bunk. 

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  6. I'm in the "don't use ripstop for a tent" camp. In an actual tent, you have the luxury of pitching to avoid the wind. Unfortunately, even on a lee shore, you can be in the wind, and that ripstop is going to drive you nuts. 


    I've rigged many boats over the years, but all were different. Imagine what you want and then pattern it with a roll of paper. That's what I did in most cases. I then used the paper as a pattern when cutting the pieces. About the only thing I've done with my CS20 Mark III Skeena is to make this fly. the only reason I am showing this is that the poles across a ridge rope really do a great job of supporting the top.  

    2021-09-03 08.22.53.jpg

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  7. I loved my Sea Pearl (Andy owns it now). It was a better boat for ghosting in light conditions, although my mizzen staysail helps Skeena on a reach. And the SP rowed better.  It takes a good amount of sailing to get them dialed in. They like to heel a bit to keep the sails full and weigh distribution is critical. Jarhead at his peak would be having a race in light conditions like this. But I am always rooting for the B & B boats. 

  8. Since I made the last post, I went to the MASCF and then I trailered Skeena to Amos's place near the start of the Dismal Swamp Canal. We went in tandem to the Messabout and it was so much fun I'm hoping to repeat it this year with maybe a modification of the route. I had promised a few people I'd write up the 2023 experience, but I've had some things going on at work that have taken all my time. I will get to it. 


    I have moved into a house with really no place for a workshop while my wife and I are working with an architect to design another house that will be built over the next year suitable to our retirement. I feel like I have another boat in me.  


    But this means my ability to modify Skeena has been limited. This morning, while it was snowing, I attached cleats to the cabin top like I saw on Amos's Larissa. I also added a table below which is really going to be a nice addition. I'm getting close to retirement, but for now there are times when it will be necessary to work and laptops aren't that great in your lap. The table top uses this mechanism: 




    I need to build a tabletop at a friends who has a shop, but I installed the mechanism and made a thick carboard temporary top and I think this is going to be a nice addition for day I'm stuck below. The neat part is it can be easily removed and stowed. 


    One other thing I'm doing is adding a bigger outboard with reverse. The 2.5 Suzuki I have has plenty of power, but reverse would be so nice. Unfortunately my custom motor mount which works perfect with my 2.5 doesn't work with the Suzuki 6 I purchased. FTR, the 4 was the same weight/size so I went bigger. I'll be adding an extension to the current mount. If anyone with a setup like this posts a picture for R & D purposes, I'd be much obliged. 


    Take Care, 




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  9. Not many things would be different if I built Skeena again. I like the offset anchor mount that others have done and may change mine at some point. The gear shelves now in the kits are awesome and I'm adding some. But most everything else has already been through an iteration. I love that these boats can be changed at any time. 

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  10. Here's another idea. During the build I was looking on the inside of the anchor locker and noticed the cover didn't seat on the inside. The arrow below is the lip that the cover seals on. I measured and realized I had enough room to make a disk/screen and pop it in there without affecting the sealing. It's a snug fit that can just be pushed out from the locker side for any reason. I leave it right there when I put the cover on. 



    Oyster is right. The Messabout is costing me money! I already ordered some cleats that Amos had on Larissa. I also realized a table in the cabin would be a nice add so I'm working on a plan for that. My bug screen for the forward cabin hatch needs improvement. Some of the trailers had walking planks, the list goes on. 

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  11. I saw a video from offcenterharbor.com that showed how to grab fallen bristles easily by poking the fallen bristle with the bristle end of your brush. It's like 100% that it picks it out where it can be removed with gloved hand or wiped on something. Hard to explain, but a good technique. When I epoxy the next time I'll record this trick. 

  12. Amos, It's funny that you mention that pump system. On the Thursday we sailed to B & B as you were heading up the river I was wondering why I felt like I was standing still. I turns out I'd not properly dogged my Andersson bailer (I only have one) down the day before and it had leaked all day/night and the tank was filled to the waterline. A quick flip of the valve and electrical switch and it was empty pretty quick.


    I'll make a quick video this weekend to show how my son Teddy and I set it up.   

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