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  1. I've only built 1 boat and it wasn't a B & B design, it was a Bolger Junebug. The plan calls for planks of closed cell foam in the bow and stern for floatation. Instead, I built air chambers in the bow and stern. Each chamber has a screw in deck plate that I can remove for ventilation and inspection. I would do this again, I think it's a bit lighter and I can use the chambers for small item storage. The design calls for a fixed rudder and I changed to a kick up design. I would definitely do this again. The design had a clip on leeboard that broke the first time it touched bottom. I changed to a Jim Michalak style pivoting leeboard and I'm much happier with it.
  2. Alan, thanks for posting these videos. They're informative and I've really enjoyed watching them.
  3. I wonder if the abrasion resistance of the vacuum bagged xynole will be as good as non-vacuum bagged xynole? I wonder if the greater abrasion resistance of xynole is at least partly as a result of the thick layer of epoxy that is required to fill it.
  4. Amateur boatbuilding is a hobby, not a money making proposition. Depending on the level of finish it is certainly possible that an amateur built boat isn't even worth the cost of materials. I think this is in part beacause it is hard to know how well built a boat is if it is a one-off from a non-professional. There is no "blue book" value for homebuilt boats since the market is so tiny. This uncertainty leads to lower prices.
  5. I've found that getting a good paint finish is the most difficult part of boat building. It's the only part of my boat build that I had to redo.
  6. A centerboard made of plywood is weaker than one made of lumber.
  7. Good luck with your build. And congratulations on rasing such a nice son.
  8. The story of this trip would make a good article for the Small Craft Adviser magazine.
  9. Thanks for posting your video, that was awesome. Did you scout the route ahead of time? It seems like it would have been easy to get stuck out there.
  10. Thanks for posting about your trip, it sounds like quite an adventure. I hope you find time to post more details.
  11. Did you glue the center seam before the entire boat was wired together?
  12. How does raising the centerboard reduce heeling?
  13. I thought that Graham broke a sprit in 2007, not a mast.
  14. About a year ago this site almost shutdown. I think that Frank was able to save it by archiving much of the old content which might explain why a search doesn't find anything older than a year or so. Here is the old post where Frank explained this, http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/8166-forum-changes/.
  15. If you want to spray LPU paint (perfection is a LPU) you must use a forced air respirator. When atomized, LPU paint is very toxic. When brushing it you can get away with using an organic filter mask.
  16. The spline would only be weaker if you made it from a smaller diameter aluminum tube. If you made it of solid Douglas Fir and extended the plug a foot or so up the existing mast it seems like that would be stronger than the existing mast. But if Graham has considered that and dismissed it I would take his word for it over my specualtion.
  17. Would it perhaps be easier to add the extension to the base of the mast? The additional weight would be much less of a concern and it could be made removable without any accomodation for the sail track.
  18. The guys who built the "Dawn Patrol" will probably chime in but until they do, here is a pointer to a photo gallery of exactly this problem: https://picasaweb.google.com/alanosauras/DawnPatrolSNewMizzenMastBase
  19. If you reread the original post you'll see that he mentions that he also increased the deadrise. p.s. I really enjoyed reading your write up of the EC2012 on Sailing Anarchy.
  20. Does the increased deadrise also increase the draft? If I remember correctly the draft on the original CS20 is 8", what is the draft of mk.2?
  21. Have you seen the A18-T by Chris Ostlind? There is an article on Duckworks that describes the design. http://www.duckworks...a18-t/index.cfm I really enjoyed your write up of your experiences during the EC 2012.
  22. I'm interested in your statement that special foil sections are not completely necessary. What do you mean by this? Is a simpler shape nearly as good? Thanks. -Mike
  23. Here is a neat design for a boarding ladder. It doesn't look too hard to build and might look halfway decent mounted on your transom. boarding ladder
  24. How about a bail with a machine screw that goes all the way through the mast? There are only 2 holes in the mast and you don't have to worry about the threads pulling out of the aluminum mast.
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