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  1. I don't think the block on your mizzen sheet is rigged correctly. The lashing should pass through the hole in the center of the sheave.
  2. What a beautiful boat, I really like that color.
  3. Kennneee is right, what you already have may work just fine. Just don't paint the whole boat to test it out.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's not blush that causes the issue. I scrupulously cleaned the cured epoxy before applying the primer but it still never dried. I've read explanations for the problem but can't explain it myself.
  5. I have run into this issue on a build many years ago. I used a one-part primer (West Marine store brand) over WEST epoxy and it never cured. I ended up sanding all the primer off and then applied Interlux 404/414 2-part epoxy primer (now called Epoxy Primekote). The Primekote cured just fine and sanded very nicely. I thought it was a reasonably high-build primer. The Primekote is also very tough. If I were painting a new build I'd certainly use the Primekote. One warning, the fumes from the Primekote are pretty noxious. Be sure to use a good organic respirator.
  6. Be sure to ignore the advice of that particular West Marine guy in the future...
  7. This year Spawn had a crew of 2. In a previous year they did have a crew of 3.
  8. The winning boat, finished Sunday night. So their time was more like 1 day and 13 hours. The results page on the Water Tribe site is wrong.
  9. There is a 5th entry, Swimboy in a Core Sound 17. He's signed up for the Florida Coastal Challenge
  10. Thanks for posting the video, the quality was very good. What made you decide to add a mizzen?
  11. That might be the quickest build I've ever seen on this board. Nice job.
  12. I'm not familiar with Devthane so I'm not sure if it has the same handling requirements as other types of 2-part linear polyurethane paints (LPU). I do know that it is not recommended to spray 2-part LPU unless the operator has a forced air respirator. A regular respirator is inadequate.
  13. Another option is a Ronstan Shock sheaveless block. I think it might work well in this application.
  14. Perhaps you could upload the video to YouTube? I'm sure many here would love to see it. Thanks and congratulations on your successful build and launch.
  15. Alan posted a YouTube video and he explained that the mast failed due to severe corrosion. It looks like water was held against the mast at the point where the reinforcement ended. Here is the video: Mast failure
  16. I've noticed that a few folks have posted Graham's speed but I don't see a way to get speed info from his Spot page. Can anyone tell me an easy way to get the Spot tracking page to display speed? Thanks.
  17. Thanks for posting the video tour of "Carlita". I really enjoyed it.
  18. Here is a product that is a variation of the technique that PAR describes. I've never used it but have heard some good reviews, KiwiGrip
  19. Alex, I live near you and I'm interested in looking at your boat. Please check your message inbox.
  20. Are you going to glue the keel strake to the undercoat?
  21. The link to your video is broken. I believe this is the video you intended to show us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgrZZqdPcrw
  22. I've had the same problem when painting a primer over WEST Sytems epoxy. I painted the whole boat (Bolger Junebug) before I realized it was never going to dry properly. I had to strip it all off and put on a coat of Interlux 2-part epoxy primer. I think it was called 404/414. The epoxy primer adhered tenaciously and the Brightsides I put over it dried just fine.
  23. What an attractive boat you built. I really like the color scheme you chose.
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