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  1. Check out the Wooden Boat Store. They have some nice plans and have some kits available also.
  2. Thanks Par! Looks like an easy jig to make and can be left in place without interferance to any bench work.
  3. Thanks Charlie, I have 10-12 4X8 panels of ABX fir plywood in my shop. I would love to use them but making a 4 foot scarf seems to me a job that is beyond my skill level. I was able to do one yesterday on 1/2 inch ply that was 22" wide, came out OK, but used a jig and router. The reason for useing cheaper ply is the cost of marine ply. Guess I could jig up a fixture to do the same for the 1/4 ply I have. The plans for the dory call for 10 and 12 foot mag. ply. Big money!
  4. Building a "Shellback Dingy" and need some 4 by 12 1/4" plywood. I perfer DF and I need just 2 sheets. I'm located in Western Montana and not much pickings in this part of the country. If anyone knows of a source who will ship please let me know. Thanks, Arnie P.S. Must be Ext type and AB would be great.
  5. Hi Greg, A young man and his wife plus their young son from Laramie Wyo. brought "Windsong". The young man dreams of sailing around the world someday with a much larger ship. He needed to learn to sail so that's the reason for buying the Vac. Now that my shop has room I will finish a small kayak, the maybe a small 12' to 15' sailboat, like a "Sunray" or a catboat. Some type of small sailboat that I can put in and take out of the water by myself. Just getting to old for some things I would like to do. 76 yrs next month.
  6. I just watched my Vac go down the road. Yes it is sold. Every one wish the new owner good luck and happy sailing. Arnie
  7. For Sale! Unfinished Vacationer. Most of the woodwork is finished. All materials needed to finish goes with the hull. Includes sails, motor (74 lb minkoda,24 VDC, new), all hardware, mast is birdsmouth, blocks are SS, boom and bowsprit are solid DF, Jib is 100%, Main sail is loose footed, plus much more. Located in Western Montana. Call Arnie Eaton at 406 375 8290 or e-mail to aeeaton@cybernet1.com
  8. Punky means it is soft. Soft means it is very likely to be rotten. Let dry, test, and replace if needed (most likely)
  9. Sorry about the above post. I checked my logbook and it was 1957 that the above happened. Arnie
  10. 1975, that's the year I dropped over 2 thousand Army troops in practice jumps at Fort Campbell KY. I was pilot of a C123 and got over 8 hundred hours that year. The drops were OK, but the assault landings in rough fields was no picnic.
  11. Thanks Guys; I think I will try to find some fine blades for one of my jigsaws (I have three). I can't find the right blade for my small cir. saw, all I have are not very fine and make a mess. So much for imports. Arnie
  12. I have plans for a Birder kayak. I also have many types of cutting tools. What is the best tool for cutting thin (3,4 MM) plywood? I have tried some saw types but they seem to be rough cutters. A demel type of tool with a saw blade is very slow. Anyway, give me some hints as to the best way to do the cutting.
  13. I have found the best way to mix epoxy is to use 1 to 1 ratio type. I get mine at Clark Craft. I use different size of paper cups (non wax type). If I need 6 oz, I use two 3 oz cups and just throw them away after use. (they burn well in the burn barrel) I found a large box of assorted paper cups at a garage sale a few years ago. Got enough to last many more years. You could use other ratios by using some sort of standard, but paper cups are cheap and available most anywhere.
  14. I also had to log in. The first time in a long time.
  15. As a retired Air Force Officer, I'm asking all of the members of this forum to say a little prayer for our men and women who serve our great country in the military. It is very hard for our troops to be away from their loved ones on any day, but extra hard on a day such as today. Let us now pray!
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