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  1. Looking good Chick. You're going to pass up Mick & I on the Amanda but we're having fun in our moments of free time and good weather. Have a 10x20 shelter with screen sides coming for a boat building shed. Like you I favor my Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors for fileting, but might try the syringe (thanks Edward). Hope to modify my little lift for the CS15 this week and get her on the water. Rick
  2. Yes, with Graham's help and support, would like to have it happen at every Marine Market and grow it.
  3. Pics from Apr 24-26 Amanda boat build. Great Wife doing more work than me, and better. Kips family Amanda on the van and headed for Greenville SC. Great weekend.
  4. We had a fun long weekend building two Amanda's on the decks at the Washington NC Estuarium. Wife Mickie, ScottD and me on one, and Kip's family and friends from Greenville SC on the other. Great help and guidance from Graham, Alan, Beth, and Eve from B&B. Had pretty good weather too. A bit cool and a little rain but large overhangs on the Estuarium decks kept us dry. Nice group of spectators too. Mick and I have been continuing with our first build at home with Mick doing most of the work so far. Thought about selling her in present state since we have the CS15 now and I want to go sailing, but I think Mick's keen on finishing her if we can in a reasonable time. Think its become another "art challenge" for her :-). Learning lots on structure, epoxy, and glassing; fairing sanding and painting challenges to come. Going to Graham's next week for more guidance. Pics coming as we move along.
  5. Hi Tom, Welcome to the group. Lovely dory and thank you for sharing your electric power experience. I'm hoping to use electric for aux. power for my newly acquired little 5' Core Sound cat-ketch. Easy (but pricey) solution would be a Torqueedo 1003 with extra battery, but looking at low profile, easily stored, trolling motors too with lithium batt. Good to see your lithium batts extended your range significantly. Did they save weight too? Do you have a preferred brand or good source for test data? Safe cruising, Rick
  6. Hi, There will be two Amandas being built with Graham over the Washington Marine Market weekend 24-26 April on the Estuarium's decks on the Washington waterfront. The actual Marine Market is Saturday. Since I've acquired the CS15 after I ordered the kit, my Amanda hull will be for sale after the weekend. If anyone local would like to work on the build, be happy to have the help one or more days. Lots of activities planned for the Marine Market. Details at http://www.washingtononthewater.com/?page_id=525
  7. Not sure if Alan put it on or Richard did later. Might pm them and see if they don't see this. Still going to build an Amanda at the Washington NC Marine Market 24-26 April then probably put her up for sale. R
  8. Sold. "Amazing Grace" has a new home in Washington, NC. See ya on the Pamlico River. Rick
  9. Wonderful news and continued prayers for a speedy recovery. Mick n Rick
  10. CORRECTION. The Estuarium's hour are 10-4 (not 5) on Tuesday through Saturday (not Sunday). Thanks, Rick
  11. Hi, For those interested, Graham's Amanda sailboat is now on display in the lobby of the NC Estuarium at the east end of the Washington NC waterfront. The estuarium is open 10-5 Tues-Sunday. Please remember to book a kit with Carla before March 27 if you want to join Graham and I on the 3-day build - 3 kits available. Also please let me know if you can display your wooden boat at the Marine Market on April 25th. Details on the Marine Market and the Family Boat Build can be found at; http://www.washingtononthewater.com/WashMarineMarket.html Thank you, RickZ
  12. Hi, I've been organizing a 3-day Family Boat Build for April 24-26 in conjunction with the town's Marine Market on April 25th, 2015. Graham has been demonstrating S&G building, and local builders have been displaying their B&B boats in Washington past 2 years, so this year we're trying a Boat Build using the Mandy/Amanda/Jessy series 12' skiffs. We only have space for 4 builds and I'm ordering one, so three kit spaces left. Building will be on the sheltered decks of the NC Estuarium on the Washington NC waterfront, and a finished Amanda will be on display in the Estuarium lobby in March & April. Graham will bring the kits to the build site and supervise our work. Contact Carla directly to book a kit or for more information. Kit prices same as last year. Also arranging space at the Saturday Marine Market for members to display their own wooden boats. Believe TSC/Raleigh may be bringing boats too. More info as I get it. Tks, Rick
  13. Chick I was able to seal up some leaky rivets with epoxy on an old tin boat way back. Seemed to hold ok, but I didn't have it long term. Maybe Gflex? Nice deep hull. "Interesting" project . Rick
  14. That was how I stored the sails on my BRS15 that were laced on. Let them dry and rolled them on. Planned to make sleeves/socks for them for protection while trailering. Third mast step allowed use of either main or mizzen to "reef". 3rd step also good to store mizzen when rowing. Just thoughts. R
  15. Great build and fine sailing. Really good performance achieved. Thanks for posting the video and info. We're hoping to build a historic craft on the Washington NC waterfront next summer. Will also be visiting the Silver and Crystal River areas end of Feb and hope to see her. R
  16. Another article on her from the local newspaper; http://compassnews360.com/huge-catamaran-launched/ Rick
  17. My Congrats too! Great see that beautiful craft afloat and about to bring her owner's dreams and builders' skills to reality. Been fun watching her grow. Rick
  18. Congratulations! Beautiful work. Really like the balance between paint and brightwork. Happy safe sailing. R
  19. Saw this one on eBay at; http://www.ebay.com/itm/16-foot-double-masted-sailboat-/161487073715?forcerrptr=true&hash=item25996131b3&item=161487073715&pt=Sailboats if anyone interested. Good excuse for a warmer road trip . Just FYI. R
  20. Mickie and I will just be able to attend Saturday. Hoping to get her a ride in Amanda to see it its enough boat for her, or if we have to go to a CS15 kit. Will bring a side and some desert for Sat evening. See you all then, Many thanks, Rick
  21. Hi Chick, Great build and trip report. Would be fun to sail/motor that lake with future Amanda build. Wonder how Turtler would run with a Torqeedo 1003? Have to see if I might borrow one from a mate next time I head out your way to see the Grands. Or bring that Ev 6 if I can get her running ok soon as shoulder mends. Happy & safe Turtler adventures. Rick
  22. Seems somewhat similar to the Bluejacket boats in another section of this forum. R
  23. Hi, Had a pretty good response to Graham's Amanda demos & talks, and B&B boats we have displayed past two years at our little April Marine Market (new and used boats and gear) day in little Washington NC. If it fits Graham;s schedule, going to see if we can market at least 4 Amanda (or similar) kits for a 3-day build around the Marine Market Apr 24-26. May have to build under 10x20 tents on the Waterfront, or possibly use sheltered decks around our Estuarium on the waterfront if I can arrange it. Just dreamin' at the moment but will contact Graham soon now that Carla is on the mend pretty good, and talk more at Oct Messabout. Rick
  24. Sounds like a fun crew out there. Only challenge in April for me is I'm trying to pull off a B&B Family Boatbuilding Weekend in conjunction with our annual Marine Market in Washington. Have to confirm the date with the Marine Market folks. If I can make it work I'll see you all then if not sooner. Marine Market (and possible family boat build) is 25th so 3rd weekend ok for me, but won't have Amanda by then. Have to conjure up something to bring :-). Rick
  25. Wonderful to hear directly from you!!!!! Please go slow and easy so all mends well. All the best. Mick n Rick
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