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  1. Back in about 2003, I completed my Wing Dinghy by Stevenson Projects. I was active in the BYYB back then, and I designed both the Chesapeake Messabout shirt and the blue BYYB shirt with the Vacationer on the back. I sailed it several times, had a minor injury to the boat that I needed to repair, and put it into storage. Got busy with life and kids and everything, but at least I held onto the boat. Now the kids that were too young to sail on a tippy boat like the Wing Dinghy are adults. Recently (last year, or the year before), I took the WD to my father in law's house and got it sanded down. It needs a bit more repair than it did in 2003, but not a lot. It was stored most of the time under a tarp, under a deck, and part way through I put a roof under the deck. It primarily needs some repair for some cracking at the bow, and the original "scraped through the fiberglass on the inside bottom of the cockpit". That might not sound like much, but this is a 1/4" nominal plywood boat, before the fiberglass. Anyway, I was looking up the BYYB, but I am "permanently banned". No idea what that is about, but the last post on the site was in April, and it seems pretty much dead. So I jumped over to Stevenson Projects, and they redirected me here. Apparently this site is a lot newer, having been founded in about 2002 when my boat was well along in the procrastination stage. So, here I am, looking to connect with some trailer sailors (of Stevenson Projects designs, or not) in Virginia, Maryland, or surrounding states. It would also be really cool to connect with any former BYYB members from my "old days" when I was modifying the Wing Dinghy even before it was built. Since I was one of the younger builders back then, and it has been 18+ years, I don't know who else might still be sailing. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who knows what happened to BYYB.
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