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  1. Hi there! I have a bathroom question. We have a bench in our shower that goes from side to side. When we shower though the water does not run off the bench it goes toward the wall and just sits there and we have to use a squeegie to get the water off. We were told this is becuase the bench does not have the right slope to it. There is a piece of quartz that is the top for the bench. The quartz people said the contractor didnt build it to slope – and the contractor is balming it on the quartz people saying it was up to them to make it slope? I dont know who is at fault here…it seems like if someone lays tile they would just lay it on whatever was built, no? Or is it up to the tile or stone people to create a slope? The contractor says not to worry that it is hot mopped underneath and that even if the water puddles it wont cause any damage? It still doesn’t seem right to me though…is this something to worry about and who should be responsible to fix this? Thanks for any insight or kind help.
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