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  1. Thanks, Jeff! I can do that. Do you have a strong preference for TBIII over polyurethane glue or epoxy?
  2. I'm building a Stonefly canoe from the Fuselage Frame Kayaks book and I'm almost ready to install the gunwales, but it's not clear to me how the gunwales attach to the frames. The only reference to this that I see in the book is a line on page 97 that reads, "So take a rasp and file the frame down to get a good flush fit since these will have to be glued instead of lashed." I understand how the inwale and outwale are glued together with the blocking between, but is it only a glue joint holding the gunwales to the frames? Is that all there is to it, or should this be doweled or screwed as well? Considering that this connection may take a lot of force, I'm wondering if it might be too weak just gluing the face of the gunwales to the edge grain of the plywood frame. This is my first SOF build, and it's been very straightforward so far. I'm excited to get it on the water!
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