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  1. Hirilonde, I was thinking of having a tube from the step to the collar that the mast would fit inside of. At the bottom I thought I'd have some kind of bearing the mast could rotate on. I thought the boom would be attached to the tube just at the collar. I could use some ideas on how to attach the out haul and clew to the boom. I'm thinking some kind of car will be needed. I will be "just raising the sail and going sailing" but would still like to have a way of rolling the sail if possible.
  2. Andy, I'm hoping for a simple way of rolling the sail in by pulling a line that could be wrapped around the mast as the sail was pulled out by the out haul when deploying the sail. I have thought that the sail would be without horizontal battens.
  3. Paul, I have seen pictures of the Sea Pearl. I was hoping someone on a Spindrift had done it already. I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel just use the principle of making things go round and round.
  4. I would only do it if the whole sail rolled up. The purpose is to be able to douse the sail in a convenient way.
  5. Pete, I have followed along on your posts about sail handling and the steps you have taken. I have it in my head that if I could roll the sail onto the mast life would be good. A lot of the fun in boating is dreaming up things to build.
  6. I have seen some old posts about roller furling the mainsail and I was wondering if anyone has come up with a way that works well. If so please post pictures and let me know how it's done. The Catalina Expo 14.2 has something (not new but) interesting. Looking for ideas for my Spindrift 11after reading some of the things people have tried to make things easier. 2015 Catalina Expo 14.2 Sail Boat - Walkaround - 2015 Toronto Boat Show - YouTube
  7. Sew a colored thread into the line (halyard) you need marked.
  8. Thanks for the come back. Of course, now I don't feel so bad about my progress. ??
  9. Aphers I was wondering how you made out with your davit attachments. Did it all go to plan and are they working well ? Any advise attaching mine is welcome. I had hoped to be further along in the build but .....
  10. "Yes I have too much hardener now, but I can fine tune the mix for the thin bits AND the thick bits." Not a good idea to change the formula for epoxies.
  11. What we use up here in Maine. https://shop.hamiltonmarine.com/products/oarlock-safety-chains-brass-pair-33964.html
  12. I was able to watch videos on my iPad. l like all the bells and whistles you put on her. Fact you can drink a cold one on either tack makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy.
  13. What am I doing wrong ? I can't see the videos just get sound. Pictures came through fine.
  14. Happy Easter everyone. Episode 13. The temperatures are still a little cool but have progressed a bit.
  15. You better take that beauty sailing before the missus wants you to make a coffee table out of it .
  16. Pete if you make a fiberglass "washer" you can put it on your mast just under the mast partner held there with the right sized hose clamp. This will keep your mast from leaving the step even if you were to turtle. Mast will also still be able to rotate. Wax a smooth flat surface then put down 4 or 5 layers of epoxy saturated fiberglass cloth. Cut your "washer" out of this when hardened. Use a nut driver to tighten the hose clamp.
  17. What if you attached flotation to the bottoms of the two back seats in a shape that would allow you to store them in the front half when nested ? If the back seats could float they would need to be held in very tight so they stay in place when capsized. Just a thought. As I wrote this I thought why not flotation bags that just deflate when not in use so no real storage problem. If kids learn that capsizing is fun it takes a lot of fear away when learning to sail.
  18. Starboard, Thanks for your shout out. Spindrift 11' is my build videos. I would like to think I will be moving along faster as the temperature gets higher. I'm easy off, easy on the highway to Maine. You are more than welcome to stop and take a look. I'm happy to give directions. 9 Staysail Way.
  19. Getting the transom pieces ready for epoxy
  20. Just to be clear when Graham says outside the trunk he means inside where the board travels right ?
  21. Aphers I had planned to fill and fair the inside of the trunk. I don't think taping inside there would be needed for strength. Also if it comes out rough it could bugger up the dagger board. If Graham and Alan say do it I guess I will have to rethink my idea.
  22. Episode 11 video of the the front bulkhead.
  23. Padre Point, Sure would like to see more pictures from your build and the 9th grader too. I was hoping she would have videoed the opening so I could have watched before I did mine. I'm guessing the cold slows you down just like here.
  24. Graham, Let me start by saying you have been more helpful than I could have hoped for. Alan has also been great. I would tell anyone thinking of building one of your boats to just go for it. The videos were made on Saturday after a week of somewhat warm weather for New Hampshire in winter. I had glued the scarfs and joined the bows with epoxy during the week and just could not wait to "open her up". I may have been rambling on in the videos but I hope no one gets the idea I was unhappy with the boat. The lines on her are sweet. I'm having a great time building her.
  25. The plan is to be able to lift the boat up out of the way so wife can still put car in the garage.
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