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  1. I'm excited to see your progress. Does this mean OB26 plans are now available for purchase? Bret
  2. Thanks for the report Ken. Glad you are enjoying Rosie! When you get time, could you provide some feedback on how she performed in different sea states. I'm still pondering my upcoming build, and I'd like to know how she cruises. Also, wondering how she handles heavier seas and slop you might have encountered. Did you feel the 90hp was the right choice? Great pictures, Bret
  3. Thank you, Ken! I did follow your build and have admired your work on Rosie. That link is one of the reasons I've given the OB24 a serious look. I also appreciate your feedback. It is hard for an amateur to look at a design and know what it is capable of, and without being able to see one in person makes choosing extra difficult. Enjoy your trip, Bret
  4. This is my first post, and I humbly ask for some advice on designs...I've finally narrowed down my choices between the BJ and OB in 24'. My home waters are the Great Lakes (mainly Lake Michigan) with planned trips to all the lakes at some point. My wife and I plan to stay on the boat for several days at a time, splitting our time between transient slips and anchoring out. The "dream trip" would be to trailer the boat to the Pacific Northwest and travel the Inside Passage. The boat will live on the trailer in my shop, and will be rigged for salmon fishing the Great Lakes as well. I am drawn to the low hp and speed requirements of these two boats, and have purchased the BJ24 plans. I also love the looks of both. My question , in your opinion, would the OB24 handle the open waters of Lake Michigan with more comfort than the BJ24. I know they are both very capable designs, and just wonder which would better fit my SOR. I have never seen these boats in person... Thanks for offering your opinions, Bret
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