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  1. Thanks. I made a removeable floor that's made made of 5 or 6 cedar slats and sits on top of the keel and bottom stringers. I kneel when paddling, but one can also sit cross-legged or with legs outstretched. The yoke is actually a removeable thwart so that I can also lie down in the canoe if I want to.
  2. Ok. Thanks for the suggestion! Am I correct in assuming that I don't need to sew pockets on the ends for the Crawfish due to the angle of the stems?
  3. Hi, I'm ready to skin my Crawfish 14' and wondering if I need to sew the ends first, as with kayaks, or should I begin with stapling onto the gunwales, working from the center of the boat to the bow and stern? The stems of this canoe are at a different angle than any of the boats I've seen skinned in videos so I'm not sure how to proceed. Obviously, I don't want to screw up anything at this point
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