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  1. New problem to solve - I can get either 5/8" Meranti, or 3/8" Okume, after talking to them they were out of the BB. Thinking I could do the Meranti and narrow the frames a little to lose a bit of the weight.
  2. Thanks. My struggle is in a design effort based on Greenland historical info and design, and attempting an anthropomorphically approach for my personal body size/shape. I've seen designs that show the two variations I've mentioned, but I've yet to see any need for one or the other to make a kayak structurally sound. Going back to all of the Greenland designs available in multiple sources this seems to be lacking in clarity. My goal is to take a few different SOF designs that closely match my body/shape/size, and adapt it to a structural design that is aesthetically in line with my goals. Having 2 deck ridges fore/aft is counter to my goal - i'd prefer 1, but can't find info to suggest why that's a problem structurally.
  3. Looking at different designs for SOF and see some Greenland replicas use 2 short supports that run from the masik to the fore/aft frames below the gunwales. I've seen other designs that use a single stringer down the center fore/after to the ends of the kayak. What is the structural value of either - are these primarily aesthetics? Could you replace the 2 short ones for a single support with the same performance/function?
  4. Its $105 a sheet of 4x8 and BB is $95. Not sure how that compares to other sources. Excellent - just waiting on the designs then.
  5. Thanks - the Okoume is only $10 more than the BB so guess I'll stick with the Okoume then since its lighter.
  6. Better than a traditional marine ply, Okoume?
  7. I'm going to build a SOF and found the Kudzo site and purchased the Vardo, and am now wondering if maybe its the wrong one. I'm 5'8", about 170lbs, and kayak periodically but not a lot. I'm buying my wife a strip built I found and came across the SOF designs in the research and thought this might be a good companion kayak to have for us to go together. We kayak locally in MA, and will spend most of our time on Moosehead lake in ME, which can be a bit rougher conditions than flat late/streams locally. Anyone have any thoughts on this being a good option for touring and an occasional fishing kayak - was planning to build in a hatch for storage. Also, I'm close enough to Boulter Plywood in MA, who has both baltic birch and good marine ply, as well as a range of other types of marine grade plys - Sapele, Merranti, teak, cherry, mahagony, foam core - I'd like to buy the lightest and hardiest type for this kayak and wanted to see if anyone had recommendations. Given the size needed, the cost differences are so minimal I'm not concerned about an extra $100 on good quality ply.
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