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  1. Aiieeee… ? Always nice to find some grace in the midst of… well, however one characterizes your kind of recent experience. And to see grace from others it’s helpful to choose grace for one’s own self in the midst of the frustration… at least after reasonably managed cathartic expression of the frustration (if needed ?). It’s refreshing to hear your travel story as travel stories these days are way too full of angry people. Glad to hear things are coming together… at least eventually. And, yeah, the boat looks great on the trailer. (And even a better complement, my wife said Lula looks really pretty.) ?
  2. This morning: At lease we didn’t have another 2018 mid-April “shower”: (Winds did some significant drifting.) Today’s slushy snow is starting to disappear by noon.
  3. No Sailing… BUT I took a First Step Towards It My two Core Sounds went into winter “hibernation” six months ago in a building owned by my son’s friend. I got them both out and brought one boat home yesterday. I got the other today. There are a few things I will do in each, including installing the mounts for my new mast floats. It will be kinda tricky to reach into the top of the masts to place nuts onto the bolts for the halyard fittings… we shall see. I have some vocabulary and noises available for the inevitable frustration utterances. ? My new CS17 Avocet that I purchased last November (I haven’t used it yet): Norma T came home today in my second 300 mile trip downstate. While downstate, I checked in on my son’s 17’ canoe project… he’s about to do the sanding, fairing, fiberglassing processes inside and out for use this summer. Strips cut from cedar boards he removed from his basement walls serve as planking material for this and his previous 15’ canoe build (in the rafters in the 3rd photo below.) It’s a free canoe trip xcept for glue, staples, and fiberglass. He made a two-fish pattern in the bottom which involves a LOT more meticulous fitting than I wish to do. ? I think he has a very cute shop… just enough for a 17’ project. A whine moment: Man, I’ve been driving a lot in the last couple weeks… DC, the UP, Minneapolis, two trips downstate… an “oil change” of miles. Another 300 this coming weekend to camp with my son’s family (the two grandkids in the previous posts.) Temps are projected to be in the 20’s and 30’s. ?
  4. A guy in my local sailing club offered the water ballast “invasive species” question to a New Zealand sailboat designer and received a couple ideas: Yes, the spreading of invasive species with water ballast tanks is an issue, but there are a couple of possible ways of preventing that. One is to dump a pint or so of bleach into the tank when filling it, another is to fill it from a treated water supply ( the town supply system) so the tank is not filled with contaminated water.
  5. Gotta wait for the ice fishermen to finish their season. ?
  6. I just looked back to the beginning photos of The Weezer on this thread. Wow, she has grown a lot in the past year. ?. She is even driving around these days. It’s always fun for me to notice how kids change and grow, and I think her boat-build is a significant part of her teen-age growing up years. From January 2021 (compared with the above photo):
  7. A couple months of swimming kept The Weezer busy. Today we had less than an hour to start the final steps. BUT, it’s the first time I’ve seen her white paint without the tape. Cute. We can’t get more done until next weekend… but we might be able then to mostly complete things.
  8. Yep… that’s frustrating when it happens. When it does, I delete the photo from my post, then go back into my photo file on my phone to edit the photo, giving it a 90 degree rotation and saving it. Usually, when I upload again it comes into the post oriented the way I want. It’s great to see some actual boat forming out of all those pieces. And, looks like you have a great shop space for this project.
  9. Hate to say it… but I’m not able to view the photos you provide… and I’m really interested to see your work. The link requires a download… then I have to find it in a download folder. After some searching in my download folder… maybe this is one?? If so… super start, Samantha. ?
  10. Home Again to Finish the Build The marina stored my boat all winter in their heated shop and finished the installation today. The roads dried after the recent snowfall so I decided to bring it home. Back in the garage… and my wife lets me put her car in the driveway for a while. The snowblower remains handy for “April snow showers.” Time to finish the floor and install the decks. Not having decks in place made the controls installation easier. My granddaughters got to try things out. ? My family schedule suddenly filled in much of the next several months… gotta get into finishing the boat.
  11. Yes, quite a pile there. ? Your boat has some great features and I like the colors you’ve chosen. I thought I spotted your CS20mk3 in a video of a Texas event. I didn’t capture the shot. I look forward to seeing how your initial time on the water goes. Edit: Found the video again… Texas 200 in 2017. Is this you? Video link:
  12. What you state, Don, reflects my thinking. Thanks. I’ll finish my ski/boat build before considering purchasing a staysail(s) .
  13. Handy to have these ideas BEFORE I start using my (new to me) CS17 Mk3. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the photo, Steve. That is helpful as I try to visualize how this all works. I look forward to playing around with a bunch of things this year with Norma T (CS15) and Avocet (CS17mk3). Spring in the upper Midwest is coming in. One local ski hill is closing in a week or so but the place where I have a season pass looks for another full month of skiing. ⛷ A Wisconsin comedian offers reflections on Spring up here:
  15. Ah, that’s a strap. It looked to me like black rubber for a plug to the top of the mast. (Photos aren’t always easy to figure out.) Makes sense to me now. The mount will be permanent in mine because of the need to put screws in for the halyard fittings. ?
  16. So, Andy, I don’t know what the black thing with a brass-looking grommet is… a cap to the mast? Is it connected to the sail? Is the top of the mast round? Is there a way to adapt the float mount for this? Or maybe adapt the top of the sail to the float mount so that the mount’s 11/16” aluminum tube extending up from the top of the mast can go through the black thing? It seems to me if the mount tube can go through the widened black thing’s brass grommet, the sail itself would keep the float mount in place and allowing the mount to be removed if needed.
  17. Here are some shots with a ruler… thus only approximate measurements. This is the float on the mast adapter, to be installed into the top of my mizzen mast: Bottom bushing for the CS15 mount: Bottom bushing for the CS17 mount: Basic plan of the mount at the top of the mast: The two inserts going into the top of the mast… note the lip. Top view: The top of the mounting tube with the hitch pin: PVC insert: And something my brother-in-law sent me today ?: The water around here is going to be hard and white for a while… weeks. But, the fishermen can do the “walk on water” thing.
  18. Andy, does mean that the top of the sail sleeve is like a “cap” at the top, keeping the sail from falling down — instead of being held up with a halyard?
  19. Captain Tim, I’d like to experiment (play with ?) the sails some this summer. I will keep this in mind, but it’s still winter up here… just finished some downhill skiing. ⛷
  20. Andy, Good bit of sleuthing there. The only Snark boat I found was a single sail type. I have no need of trying to get some bucks for them… kinda not in the spirit of the gift. I thought it would be fun to experiment some with them since they came my way. I suppose another option for the small jibs is to see if my sons would be interested in using one on their canoes. They are each finishing canoe builds this year, one a cedar strip and the other plywood. I’ve been thinking about inquiring about B&B’s stay sails but haven’t done so yet.
  21. The hatches I built for my CS15 are great to have, well designed, and likely would be easier to build NOW than my first time around. ? Your boat is looking great.
  22. THAT could be fun to see.
  23. I Received 3 Free Sails Today My neighborhood marina has begun installing controls into my ski-boat build (Glen-L Stiletto) that I began a little over a year ago. (It’s been in their shop since last August with the plan to do the work in January or so… it’s also free winter storage ?.) I’m really looking foreword to experiencing this boat on the water this year. It’s something I wanted to build since high school days. Ok, to the matter at hand… the marina guy found a bag of 3 sails in their “junk” storage area. Not having any purpose for the sails they gave them to me. I’m wondering if they can be used as a staysail in either of my boats. I opened them up to see what they are. There is a mainsail and two jibs. I have no idea of what kind of boat they were designed for… but the tag on each sail is: The mainsail has a bolt rope in the luff (the left side of the photo) and the foot is about a right angle to the luff (it doesn’t quite look that way in the photo): The luff/leech/foot measurements are: 187” x 209” x 95” for about 61 sq. feet (My CS15 mainsail is: 180” x 182” x 81” for 59 sq. feet) The two jibs are the same size with hanks for a jib wire on the luff (the left side of the photo.) The leech is almost a right angle to the foot. The luff/leech/foot measurements are: 132” x 118” x 51” for about 17 sq. feet (My CS15 mizzen is: 152” x 155” x 72” for 45 sq. feet) My CS15 plans show how a staysail would be placed but I haven’t found any dimensions for one. Does anyone know something about what a staysail for either a CS15 or CS17 might be? (BTW, I recently bought Avocet, a CS17 that I haven’t used yet… soon ?.) So, some ideas I have: Perhaps the larger sail could be used as a staysail, knowing that it’s purpose is limited for light wind. It would just be a novelty to play around with. Maybe ignore the larger sail and use the smaller sail as a staysail, one for each boat. I could perhaps cut the larger sail toward what a staysail should be and hem the edges (I’d need those “specs”). Perhaps I could use the smaller jib as a jib, fashioning a way to extend it to something beyond the bow… that would merely be used to give grandkids a small sail that they could be entirely responsible for… just for fun. So, any thoughts?
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