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  1. Oh, interesting, Starboard! Did you completely replace the seats that were there with these, or do your additional pieces fit over the stock design? Do you have any diagrams or closer photos? Would love to see if I could snag some ideas =D
  2. Do you mean extending the trimmed seats at the back so that when the boat is assembled, they become full-length benches? I can imagine how one might set up a shelf and supports to do that, though my seach-fu fails me in looking for examples in the forum. I guess there isn’t much room to do something like that in the bow section?
  3. thanks! that does help, actually =] I need a nesting boat that I can store in my small New York City apartment! Are there internal seating area diagrams or dimensions for the 11-N that I could look at to sketch something out on some large sheets of paper on the floor and try for size? Maybe I can make a mockup with some masking tape marks or similar!
  4. Hiya! Looking to build a Spindrift S11-N and wondering if anybody has one anywhere new New York or New Jersey that I could take a look at? I'm wondering about the size and would love to see how cramped it would be for me (and maybe a friendly passenger) while sailing. I'm a rather tall fellow =] . Thanks all!
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