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  1. Another possible kink in the offsets - Frame 12' 0" Cm 0.00 2.72 5.01 7.09 Looks to be in error.? Should be about 5.01 4.10? 12.19 10.40 17.00 19.60 20.20 34.72 21.06 49.82 See attached for the way the printed set of offsets from page 52 plots. The corresponding feet and inches offsets look as though the conversion is correct.
  2. Ah, still doesn't look right. Looking at your profile on page 53,, it looks to me like that offset should be 0,0 or very close to it. From stern to bow, the centerline heights are (in Cm) 6.65, 1.72, 2.54(?), .88, 2.72. It may be awhile before I post a picture of a completed boat. A picture of a MODEL may be forthcoming before the kudzu next blooms along the Ten-Tom.
  3. I just got my copy of "More..." and I'm starting to draft the stations for the subject boat. Both the Imperial and Metric offsets have a weird point at frame 7'0". For a half breadth (Y) = 0 corresponds to Height (Z) of 10"/25.39 Cm. Either this is in error, or there is something I do not understand. The stations aft and forward have a height of 22/32, and 11/32. Was the Height supposed to be 10/32 as opposed to 10"?
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