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  1. When I was a kid in the 50's, there was a small 8 ft fiberglass boat called a Superdink. A friend of mine that had a go kart business at that time bought one of these and put a 40hp mercury outboard on it. I remember we had to stand up and lean over the windshield onto the bow to get it up on a plane. But once it was, what a blast to run out in the Long Beach marina in California. Soon after that, I bought a Glen L marine boat kit for a 13 ft runabout called the Tuffy. I was 14 then and it took two years to build with my best friend. I powered it with a used 70hp mercury and it hauled ass. It was a flat bottom so pounded you to death but I was 16 so who cares. Now I'm 72 and still an avid boater and yachtsman. I have a 1969 38ft Chris Craft yacht restored to pristine condition. It has twin 69 corvette engines and is a blast to use even today. I would love to find a Superdink. If anybody knows where to find one I want it. Its on my bucket list to have that feeling once again.
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