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  1. Took my Firefly off the strongback the other night, didn't get a frog photo at the time. Did have the wife take a ham photo though! Loaded it on top of car to see how it looked too. Just curious how heavy other builders of the Firefly have been with just the framework? Mine weighs 27.2 lbs.. I used MDO plywood and pine siding for the stringer material. It comes already cut to the right thickness, and under $8.00 for a 8ft stick.
  2. I had thought of that myself benhardt57, not sure if you could put the fabric like it is drawn. May have to put it on the inside instead. Would like to hear others opinions though.
  3. Been searching online for supplies. Found a 4.5oz nylon fabric for $4.99 a yard. Would this be suitable for covering a skin on frame kayak? Is it too light or not compatible with my coating? I am going to use Cabots Oil Based semi-transparent deck stain for my coatin, picked up a gallon for $5.00, it was a mark down special. just want some input before I start ordering things that cant be returned. Thanks guys.
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