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  1. PaulS

    Gaff Rig Plans

    Looks like the mizzen might move aft by 150mm but this wont affect the interiour, the main is more involved with saloon table around it and the water system very close.
  2. PaulS

    Gaff Rig Plans

    Yes she is a Rorerts. This is the current config. I do have a sketch of her as a gaff ketch but I cant download pic,s - redirects me and tells me there is a problem. am I doing something wrong??
  3. PaulS

    Gaff Rig Plans

    Thanks for the info, it is a Bermudian rigged ketch, if it needs a total rebuild I might reconsider. Let me get my ducks in a row (obtain original sail plan and an accurate as built deck plan) before i waste any forum time and effort. Thanks again, Paul
  4. PaulS

    Gaff Rig Plans

    One more thing, she is Ketch and I would prefer to keep her mast positions and chainplates (less work/costs). is this possible?
  5. PaulS

    Gaff Rig Plans

    Sorry ... design
  6. PaulS

    Gaff Rig Plans

    I have a 40 foot spray that I would like to convert to a gaff rig. How can I get a desighn without buying plans for the whole boat?? Any info would be great.

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