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  1. Again, tell Carla that Carolyn & I are still thinking of her. If there is anything I/we can do, give us a call.
  2. Glad to hear that part 1 of Carla's surgery went well. Sorry to hear that 1 & 2 couldn't go together. Please tell her that our thoughts continue with her. I seem to remember that Marissa has been pretty good at running the office. I'm sure she'll be up to speed fairly quickly. I presume you were involved w/ the college setting up the next class start for Tuesday, Sept. 23rd. Please let me know if there is any way I/we can be of assistance. John & Carolyn
  3. Carla/Graham - Hope all goes well. We'll be thinking of you.
  4. Alan - Thank so much for the post. Graham - Good you're getting the positive PR John
  5. At high temperatures, slow hardener is much easier to use. Fast hardener would go off almost before you could apply it.
  6. When in doubt, go to the source. Your trip to the Washington festival will be a prime time to explore all the nuances with Graham. he's always been very helpful.
  7. Double check when the dinner at Little Italy will be.
  8. Miyot - You're just looking for trouble. You can go out & buy nice new handplanes that, with a bunch of work, might work almost as well as the old ones.
  9. You're on the right track. Brushes are great for filling fillets w/ thickened epoxy, but coating the hull works best w/ a roller or spreader - then tipping any runs that develop w/ a wide foam brush.
  10. No scarfs beats scarfs as long as its straight-grained wood. Scarfs work best if they're located where there's not a lot of twist in the wood. Also, I wouldn't put one scarf right next to another one. Stagger them. Miyot got his post up ahead of mine. More specific. Hope it all helps.
  11. For specifics, contact designergraham@gmail.com
  12. You've just got to dig a bit deeper if you want the CCA. Find someone selling wood for piers. You don't have to tell them that your "pier" is stuck to the bottom of your boat. CCA is still available in eastern NC for use under houses and docks that get wet, just not for decks, etc.
  13. Contact designergraham@gmail.com for more specifics on the Princess 22.
  14. Don't lose the planes. Even w/ a kit, planes are super handy for rounding edges, dressing reinforcing stock & a couple dozen other things you haven't thought of, but will get you finished before you remember where you put your router.
  15. Contact Graham re: a Mk 2 kit. Sounds like Chick's boat came in some version of a kit.
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