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  1. I got a set of prints from the Adirondack museum, it had a set of offsets to loft in to the ribs. I stapled the skin on to the frame which end up covered so as not to be seen. The ribs are glued and screwed to the bottom board, I screwed and glued the top inside gunwales to the ribs. the rest rest of the stingers I glued and carpet stapled them on the ribs. The electric carpet stapler staples are 3/4" long and have held in place very well. The ribs are 1/2 ply wood the bottom board is 3/4" pine 14' 2" long. I scrounged most of the material from industrial areas around me, There is a lot of was
  2. I spent 140 hours building my SOF Adirondack guide boat. These take a lot of time owing to the 172 individual component parts that go into building one. It responds to the oars the same way that the one I tried in upstate NY 40 years ago. I always wanted to have one and this was the year to build one. Attached are some pictures of the finished boat and it on the water for the first time. I have it on mirror lake in the Uinta mountains of Utah. I caught my limit of fish and had a great time. 9/13/16 I put the AGB in the state Fair and got a 1st place blue ribbon. DCA
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