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  1. Beacher

    Core Sound 17 Outboard well (short shaft)

    My experience with my CS 20 is that the notch has to be cut deeper into the transom than the shaft length would indicate. The transom lifts in swells and waves and brings the prop up. In flat water it's ok, otherwise I have to keep the boat stern heavy. I don't want a bracket but I may end up doing that.
  2. Thanks for the picture. There aren't enough pics of CS's under way.
  3. Beacher

    No Interlux Pre-Kote over epoxy?

    I used Prekote and Brightside over MAS epoxy and it worked fine. I waited about 3 weeks, so the cure had probably run its course.
  4. Beacher

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Thanks for the good pictures. I hadn't thought about using the pulleys.
  5. Beacher

    Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Yes, please post pictures of the reefing system. Are the new sprits to be wishbones, or a single curved piece?
  6. Beacher

    Island cruise

    Beautiful. Thanks for posting, it's an inspiration to see what you've done and where you went.
  7. Beacher

    Call for a BandByachts ice boat design

    Graham, thanks for responding. There's a Mini Skeeter with an unstayed carbon mast. And 50 plus year old designs that might benefit from updated construction techniques. And speed records to conquer. New territory for the Designer.
  8. This winter I got a good taste of driving iceboats. DN, Nite, stern steerers. This made me wonder about how great it would be to build one from a BandB design. It's another sailing sport where building the craft would be the best way to own one.
  9. Beacher

    A dodger for a Core Sound 20 Mk 3 . .

    A good looking dodger and coaming. With respect to a tie down strap I suggest you use an adjustable nylon strap or cord directly from the aft bow to the cockpit coaming. The aft bow needs quite a bit of tension to keep the top of the dodger taut enough to shed water. Pulling down on the side curtain itself doesn't do the trick in my experience.
  10. Beacher

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Tried to edit previous post but I don't know the process. Anyway, I found a description of the breaker panel on Defender site that says the switches have LEDs. Good to know things have improved in a 2 years.
  11. Beacher

    Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    My objection to a similar Seadog fuse panel was that the illumination lights were not LEDs. So the switch often used more power than the accessory it controlled and gave off too much night light. I ended up drilling out the bulbs with a 1/16 bit to kill the power draw.
  12. Beacher

    reefing with new sailplan on CS 17

    The more I sail my CS 20 the more I believe that reefing is the key to a good safe sail. I added a second downhaul for the main, and a couple of cheek blocks on the sprit. I moved the main halyard, downhauls and snotter to the starboard side of the cockpit. I might add a third downhaul to make a double reefed main easier. I have a single cheekbock on the mizzen sprit. I like a lively sail with the rail in the water at times, but I want a secure way to reef.
  13. Beacher

    2.5 HP Suzuki

    I have a Suzuki 2hp purchased in 1985 for $290 new. Fantastically reliable motor. 2 stroke. I have it on my CS 20. No reverse, but it starts first pull so just get ready, shove off, pull and go.
  14. Beacher

    Core Sound 17 builders in northern mid-west ?

    I have a CS 20 original version. Just over the border from St. Paul in Wisconsin. Same layout as CS 17 if you are inerested in the overall design and construction.
  15. Beacher

    Is Rogue Paddler webpage available?

    Thanks, Alan. And thanks for highlighting the donation link to Wayback Machine. A correction on Rogue Paddler. I referred to him as Ken W., he's actually Wes K. Here is another historical question. A CS 20 owner was interested in cruising from Florida to Belize via Cuba a few years back. The forum has good discussion about preparing for a long sail. Does anyone know if the cruise happened?

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