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  1. Howard, thanks for the deadwood construction photos. That's exactly where I'm now stuck in my Belhaven build. Any particular reason for not gluing the boards together before shaping them?
  2. And remember to load the boat the way you plan to use it. My Weekender used to drag its stern; now the transom is out of the water and the performance is better since I "ballasted" the forepeak with a battery and assorted camping gear.
  3. O no! It will be beyond my means to have a kit shipped to this end of the woods. The CS15- Mk3 looks like the ideal replacement for my Stevenson Weekender that I outfitted with a tent and use as an overnight camp boat. Maybe by the time I'm ready for it the plans may be available.
  4. Joe and all: Thanks for the info. Gotta get back to finishing my Belhaven #30 so I can get to do the CS15- Mk3!
  5. Sorry if I missed it but is the CS17 Mk3 water-ballasted? It's getting to be one cool boat!
  6. Thanks Chick. That's reassuring to know. This is how No. 30 looks--for over a year now: Dished areas were filled and faired: Hull bottom faired and sort of sanded:
  7. Looking at the date of my last post: Where did that year go? My build got stalled after fairing the bottom and at the point where I am ready to make the keel deadwood. I have a lot of catching up to do; resuming work on No. 30 is right there on top of my New Year Resolutions list. But Scott you're right; I've also had that concern about getting water coming in through the well. My thoughts were/are either to have large-enough scuppers to drain the cockpit or to add a bulkhead in the cockpit as high as the seat tops. We'll see when I flip her upright again after I paint the bottom. Ian: You're welcome to whatever will be of help when you build your boat. The hardest part is always deciding which boat to build. Everything else after that will be easy.
  8. Though it's been stalled for months now because of more pressing matters, I'm making that area convertible into a berth. Galley stuff will store in caddies that go under the bunk.
  9. If it's not too late to comment: the measurement includes the deadwood as Frank says. Drop me a note if you have any questions; I have a ton of photos of my Weekender build.
  10. maligno


    Setting up a blog is a convenient way to keep a diary that you can load with more pictures than you would care to post in a forum. Can be as simple or as complex as you care to do it with the choices of templates. Toyed with Blogspot for my Belhaven build: http://belhaven30.blogspot.com/ but it does take some effort to keep it updated, taking up some of the precious build time. Sometimes though maintaining the blog can give you that small kick in the butt to keep you going when construction fatigue and enervation creeps in especially when doing a big project.
  11. Epoxy trick: Mix epoxy in invisible tubs. It allows you to see exactly what you are doing. You will never have to spend for another tub. Encapsulating epoxy: With silica filler:
  12. I use the two-stick method to make big arcs. The height of the crown determines the angle of the sticks:
  13. Wes: Appreciate your concern; I think it's the weave. The resin did soak through to the wood and the cloth is now buried under a couple of layers of fairing goop. As I feared after unfolding the hull, there are dished areas near the 1/4 - 3/8 plywood joint though it's not as bad as I expected. Meantime more fairing and sanding lie ahead but it's been decided to skip the showroom finish.
  14. Finished glassing. Rather than waste good cloth by trimming, I overlayed all the excess ends over each other.
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