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  1. After my dad was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, I started thinking about a good dad-daughter project for the Chicago winter to keep him/us busy and enjoy some quality time while visiting. One day I happened upon Kudzu Craft and, as a bit of an impulse buy, bought the plans for the Ravenswood. I'm a sailing instructor and avid waterswoman and he's a contractor, so I thought it would be a good mix of our water/wood passions. I wasn't sure if we'd have the time to build the kayak, but here we are...some months later...launching her onto Lake Michigan - on the eve of the Harvest Moon! Not only does she float, but she rides beautifully. I am so thankful for this experience and we cannot wait for our next build. (Yep, we're hooked). I made a Greenland paddle as well, but due to the waves I was a bit hesistant to use it on the first launch. Taking advantage of the south winds this weekend, the kayak and the paddle will be making another debut. Thanks, Jeff, for your designs.
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