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  1. My Dad, who was in the Merchant Marine in WWII on the Murmansk run, used to say that the most dangerous thing aboard a sailboat is a schedule. (a U-boat might miss, but a schedule will torpedo you every time)

    Graham is doing the right thing.

    Can't wait to see his spray dodger- might turn out to be his secret weapon in the EC

  2. Alan & Graham,


    I'm relieved to hear you're all OK! Watching the Weather Channel it sounded like rain floods were worse than the Hurricane. With you guys right on the sound I was worried that you might be between a rock (surge) and a hard place (high rivers). Thank God it worked out well for you.



  3. I am looking forward to following your build, I am very interested in the comparison between Michalak's 'chevvys' and Graham's 'cadillacs'. he bottom

    If you plan to daysail off the trailer it does not matter, bur reading Lugnut's EC reports on duckworks, I thing that water ballast would be a very good thing to have in a hard chance.

    Just guestimating from the sketch in the plan description, it looks like the seat benches are 12" off the bottom. A 12" wide by 12" high tank behind the bulkhead would act like a bridge deck and hold about 275lbs. of water

    Just saying

  4. I noticed this on Michael Storer article on Duckworks:


    Back in the late 70's and early 80's there was a fleet of bareboat 30-some foot unstayed cat ketch charter boats here in Belize. Their delivery skipper had also delivered many Garry Hoyt Freedom 40's (the first 'mainstream' unstayed cat ketches) to the Virgin Islands. He almost always had the main by the lee (forward of the mast) when reaching, with or without a staysail on the mizzen, and said it was the fastest way to go.
    Has anyone tried this on Core Sounds? They are much smaller, but have the same rig.

  5. Stopper Knots


    Graham- I consulted my guru on ropes, wire & rigging, Brion Toss (Rigger's Apprentice). Your idea of leaving a 6 diameter tail behind your sheet & halyard stopper knots is excellent, but instead of a figure eight knot, consider a Stevedore's Knot or an Oysterman's Stopper. Both have more turns, and should be more secure in modern slippery cordage "I felt the stopper knot unroll in my hand",

    See http://www.handymariner.com/tag/stopper-knot/

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