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  1. Graham,.


    Raking the vane in fresh running conditions reduced the over steer considerably which gave me the idea that I should tilt the vane axis back a few more degrees. This will reduce some of the power of the vane of which it has plenty in return for more course stability.

    Did you experiment with the smaller vane that Alan mentioned in the video?

  2. I've had 2 seagulls- the really simple ones with no clutch or recoil starters. They were dependable and hell for stout but crude. I had one on a 16' ply Great Pelican, and it seemed to go as fast towing a 20' inboard/outboard as lone boat! The thing that wouldn't work today is the starting procedure. The instructions said to press the brass button on top of the 'carb' until you see a sheen on the water. I say 'carb' because I was told by someone who knows that it isn't really a carburetor but a mixing valve, sort of like a model airplane motor. The 'shear pin' was a spring of about 3/16 wire that wound 3 or 4 turns around the prop shaft and had the ends turned out to engage the prop & shaft. If you get one be REAL careful not to hit anything- Heaven only knows where you could find another. If memory serves, the mix was 10 to 1. Especially since they are out of production, I don't think I would buy another.


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  3. PAR, based on the video of Alan in the CS 15, the CS's shouldn't be afraid of the tacking part, or are you saying that the production boats point higher?

    On 13/03/2017 at 6:19 PM, PAR said:

    she would be a fine raid boat and you're not going to get embarrassed by any production boat, unless in a tacking duel.


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