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  1. Paul,

    How about filling them with ping-pong balls? I read that the Japanese filled Q ships with ping-pong balls in WWII to make them 'unsinkable'. Not as effective as all foam, but better than nothing.

  2. I have always thought that it would be better to have a dorade vent at the base of the windshield of a pilothouse boat rather than the roof. You might make a brace from the mast to the pilothouse roof to run the cables to the radar.

  3. IMHO, the secret is ramp angle, as in Graham raising the tongue with the tractor. I remember an add from the 50's for a trailer with the tongue pinned under the trailer frame back in front of the axle. The frame locked onto the tongue for travel and unlocked at the ramp letting the frame rotate to an angle to let the boat slide off. There was a photo of launching a skiff with the rear wheels on a 3' high culvert!

    If the trailer is too flat with just the rims in the water at a given ramp, changing supports (trough, roller trough or whatever) won't allow a launch. Two options to consider would be a snatch block under the boat for the winch wire to pull the boat off, or a 'brake tongue' to increase the angle.


  4. Bumpy & Machoman finished about 0200 in a cat

    Twobeers & Moresailesed are about an hour from finishing first in Class 4

    Alan and Paul have been fighting two 70+ year old Gordon Douglass designs: SkinnyGenes & SkinnyJeans (Thistle 1945)

     and Andyman & NateDog (Highlander 1949). The three were less than an hour apart at checkpoint 1 and have been close to each other all the way and were at checkpoint 2 at dawn.

    No other Class 4 boats are close.

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