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  1. Looks like a great place to build a boat. Following.
  2. Well deserved press. Congratulations. I'm not subscribed to WB; please post a picture when you get a chance Steve.
  3. I'm impressed with how quickly you repaired the boat and got back out sailing. What are your thoughts on making the hatch on the storage area just fwd of the berths watertight?
  4. You have gotten a lot done Todd. Always good to see that the dogs approve.
  5. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Joe, I'm bringing your lead. I plan on arriving Friday late morning.
  6. What kind of epoxy are you using? What have your temperatures been over the last few days?
  7. How did I miss this build until now? Your craftsmanship is spectacular.
  8. Since you are coming to the Messabout, you should really check out B&B's powerboat designs in person before committing to the Glen-L. I'm biased of course, but I'm willing to bet you will burn much less gas in a similarly sized B&B design due to the lighter weight (and, generally speaking, i believe they get on plane sooner than other boats).
  9. I have sailed with a couple boats that were similar in length to the CS 20.3. They could both point a little bit higher, but they were significantly slower (in one comparison the CS 20.3 was literally twice as fast as my 21 ft "competitor", this was on a beam reach in strong winds, and I did have the ballast in). In all fairness, the other boats were designed with a different design goal as they had heavy keels. Thanks for the trip report Paul.
  10. Good call on cutting down the mizzen sprit; it can cause a capsize if it catches and traps the main when tacking. I did have a joint on the sail track that didn't align well. It was my fault; the rivet gun broke just as I was getting ready to rivet the intersection of two tracks (by the way, B&B's new sail track make getting this joint aligned even easier, as the small radius on the underside of the track helps register the track onto the mast). I was able to adhere fine grit sandpaper to a sail slug and sand out the small misalignment. Keep the pictures coming; enjoying them.
  11. Your rigging time will drop dramatically soon. It took me 1.5 hrs the first time; now it is down to 25 minutes (CS 20.3). It is always fun sailing a new boat with company aboard. Glad to see it went well. Impressive to see how well the boat handled that many people aboard.
  12. Excellent idea to use magnets there. Thanks for all the pics.
  13. Steve, when it comes to going out on the cabin top to move the downhaul, well, don't. I did a few times, then asked myself why. Extending your body through the forward hatch works very well for that purpose. Next time just go through the cabin, step up on on the fwd cabin storage hatch area, and move the downhaul from there. Much more comfortable. Last sail I retrieved the anchor from that position (the anchor was even hooked onto a crab pot, so I had to pull up a lot of weight) and it worked very well.
  14. I found another good video of Blue Duck: 20200618_174534.mp4
  15. We had to cut the trip short due to a stomach illness (a participant ran out of WAG bags). When I anchored near Bath, I never went into town; I took a nap instead! So no "land" pics. Still an awesome trip, and hopefully we will do it again next year. Chick, I am going to commission you to come along and write up a proper trip report for us.
  16. The Blue Duck. 20200618_174200.mp4 20200618_174200.mp4
  17. Nick and his wife met up with us and we sailed side by side for a long stretch.
  18. Underway. Launched about 12:30 from Potters. Heading towards Washington.
  19. Last scheduling update, I promise ?. The weather hold has been lifted and we are launching Thursday.
  20. Due to the weather, the launch date has been changed to Wednesday, June 17. We are still launching from Potters Marina ( http://www.pottersmarine.com/). Join us there or meet us at any point along the way.
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