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  1. I'll keep an eye out for him. I'm working 0600-1500, but if he comes through my AO when I'm off work I'll try to get some pictures. Of course if he needs gas/ice/food just let me know and I can meet him (anywhere from Elizabeth City to the Virginia portion of the Eastern shore is an easy drive for me).
  2. I can reef and anchor through the fore hatch. I like the simplicity of just sliding it back. Surprisingly (to me at least) they don't leak in rain. My favorite feature is that while lying in the berth, I can open and close both hatches without getting up (the fore hatch by reaching up with my hand, and the aft hatch with my foot). The disadvantage is that both hatches can't be fully open at the same time. (They can both be partially opened).
  3. Excellent. The bay is such an awesome place to sail; glad you got a chance to get out.
  4. I'll be following your travels with great interest. If you need any supplies (or a place to shower) I'm available, I live near the VA/NC border.
  5. You are in the right place. This forum helped me build my first boat, we can help you as well. What kind of boat are you thinking of building?
  6. Looks good Todd. Have you developed any new shoulder muscles from all the sanding?
  7. "...just layed an old yoga mat over it..." Now I know that Jay does yoga in addition to boatbuilding.? In all seriousness thanks for the update; it's great to see your progess.
  8. Thanks for the trip report. Enjoyed the video, nice camera work.
  9. Someone tell me more about SpongeBob's boat, I'm really liking it.
  10. You used fiberglass from 53 years ago? Very cool. I like your long term planning.
  11. Looks like clear water. Looking forward to seeing your picture in person when my copy arrives in the mail.
  12. Thank you Alan, this will be helpful to future builders.
  13. You may want to try the cake frosting method of applying the thickened epoxy for fillets (squeezing the epoxy out through a hole cut in the corner of a plastic bag). In hot weather this method can cause the epoxy to kick too soon since it is concentrated in the bag, but in wintertime that isn't a concern. I found this technique to be a lot less messy then other methods, and I was able to make quicker and neater fillets. Just something you might want to try to see if it fits your style. Congratulations on going 3D.
  14. B and B's Sailing Canoe has always impressed me, that is the one I would build. It can circumnavigate Florida, it is light and easily portaged, and paddles very well (it is faster than a CS20.3 in light air when it is paddle-sailed; ask me how I know!). I like its simple design, I think it would be relatively cheap to build. https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/expeditioncanoe
  15. Looks like a great place to build a boat. Following.
  16. Well deserved press. Congratulations. I'm not subscribed to WB; please post a picture when you get a chance Steve.
  17. I'm impressed with how quickly you repaired the boat and got back out sailing. What are your thoughts on making the hatch on the storage area just fwd of the berths watertight?
  18. You have gotten a lot done Todd. Always good to see that the dogs approve.
  19. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Joe, I'm bringing your lead. I plan on arriving Friday late morning.
  20. What kind of epoxy are you using? What have your temperatures been over the last few days?
  21. How did I miss this build until now? Your craftsmanship is spectacular.
  22. Since you are coming to the Messabout, you should really check out B&B's powerboat designs in person before committing to the Glen-L. I'm biased of course, but I'm willing to bet you will burn much less gas in a similarly sized B&B design due to the lighter weight (and, generally speaking, i believe they get on plane sooner than other boats).
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