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  1. My wife and I glued up finger joints. I flattened the workbench with a handplane and put plastic down. We pushed the joint together, clamped the pieces to the workbench and then put weight on the joints. They came out good. I think I will use this same technique again. I also started cutting stringers. I got my son involved when it came time to roundover the stringers; showed him how to change bits in the router table and then he got to practice on scrap wood. I didn't let him rout the actual stringers since it would put his hand too close to the bit.
  2. Congratulations, thanks for posting all the pictures.
  3. Great advice. I did go back and read through build threads. Thanks for all the work you guy put into this forum; it is a great resource. I will take your advice and build the module before building the cradle.
  4. I have gotten a lot of use out of the broadfork, I highly recommend one. I practiced applying fillets on some scrap wood; I'm glad I took the time to practice. I made several mistakes (stirred/mixed the epoxy after I added filler, added too much filler, didn't have good way to apply it to the wood). Once I worked the kinks out I filleted the inside of the centerboard case and was happy with the results. I wet the wood with thin epoxy before applying the fillets. Is this necessary?
  5. The pictures should be fixed now. I signed out, viewed the forum as a guest, and the pictures showed up fine.
  6. Ok, I will have to change my photo hosting site. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. General Epoxy Question: I have read that stearated sandpaper can cause issues with epoxy. I have a lot of it and would like to use it as it clogs less than non-stearated sandpaper. Would wiping the surface with denatured alcohol after sanding cause any issues with epoxy? I tested this process with two scrap pieces of wood. The bond seemed strong. Anyone see a problem with using alcohol to clean off stearate residue?
  8. I picked up a CS 20 Mark III kit recently and wanted to start a build thread. I have been building solid wood furniture for some time now and needed a new challenge. This will be my first boat. She will be built in this shop: I have three shop assistants; this is the oldest one. The goal is to have them help with the build when they can and then teach them how to sail when the boat is finished. I would add that anyone is welcome to come by the shop if they want to check out the kit. As you probably gathered, I live in Chesapeake, VA. For those that have posted builds and answered questions, I do want to thank you as I have read through all the build threads and have learned much. My posting might be sporadic as work and life gets in the way but I do plan to keep the build updated with pictures.
  9. Nice work, congratulations on finishing.
  10. Thanks for posting this; I'll be building a kit soon and will use this method.
  11. That seems like a very simple and effective method; thank you very much for the information.
  12. How do you add and remove water in the ballast tank?
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