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  1. Its been a while feller since you built that one. The freshen up looks great! Hope things are going well with you and the folks down your way..
  2. I personally etch my safety glass around the perimeter for a super bond. Make sure you paper the entire area that's not going to be etched, doubled up if the paper is thin. Use a quality tape for the etching stop. Then tape the paper over the tape on the marked line for etching. Make your template for your glass with small brads or tacks around the perimeter of the template for your glass . When setting the glass into the caulking, the small void will allow some of the caulk to seat between the perimeter of glass and the frame. After the caulk cures remove the tacks and install the mouldings for the inside trim against the glass with a small amount of caulk. When figuring out where to etch the glass, set the glass with the tacks around the perimeter and mark the glass with a sharpie for the tape job. There is a chemical for etching available even at most hobby stores. But ask your glass shop too if they have it. Wear gloves and eye protection for sure.
  3. Quick question,, can you change the date to the weekend before the 19th? Georgetown boat show is the same weekend.
  4. Nice looking set up. This also keeps some noise further away from the cockpit and cabin with the doors open when not using a motor cover.
  5. Sorry can't hear you... Did you say its sold? Good going...
  6. Remember Egbert cut a big hole in the side of his boat. So all things is possible, if you only believe. The most relevant point in your post to me would be this comment. "Anyway...this is probably an awful thing to suggest but I have been thinking about the Bluejacket a bit recently as a replacement for my commuter - I do 80-100 mile round trips in a pretty thirsty boat and while it's manageable, I'm not in love with $3/mile." Before you attempt to redesign the main platform of any sized Bluejacket, tell us more about this commute gig. Open ocean? River? Island hopping? Of course I am not going to speak for the designer here. But there are ways to accomplish your desires in the stock drawings, which has been discussed in the past if we are only talking about doing so on a boat that's used for its intended design use.
  7. Pretty work, You put us to shame. ;<} I really like the details such as your window shape on the bulkhead and entrance door.
  8. What you describe is pretty typical of small runabouts. You are in another phase of the building process, tweaking the boat to fit your use and layout. Figure out how the boat performs as you use it in similar conditions and then maybe add some small wedges to the bottom at the transom to deal with getting the nose down. You can always use your trim to get it up a bit if need be. It may only take some additional anchor chain in the forward locker that stays there to address some need of additional trim. But deadweight is not always as preferred in small skiffs as live weight or additional gear placed accordingly for a day trip. Maybe a fully loaded beer cooler????
  9. Thanks for the report and video, even though it shows up here sideways. Enjoy'
  10. I was hoping to replace the Mocassin 2 with something with a bit more room but still portable. I have an engine for it. But flipping Turtler over and throwing it on my shoulder or my cabin top would be a stretch. I guess I could tow it behind the boat on the local trips. But towing two trailers behind the truck on the long ones would be an "exciting" event.
  11. thanks, need to think about that one...............
  12. Nicely done and you will never think a second though about the little time it took to do it the right way. <thumbs up.> just my opinion of course...
  13. Do you know the weight of the boat only?
  14. Well the easy way out is machine screws, finish washers backed up with a black sink faucet washer against the plexiglass on the outside with the acorn nuts and flat washers on the inside is not that bad looking. Just make sure you drill your holes a wee bit oversized and add a bit of acrylic latex caulk around the fastener before securing the fasteners in place. You will still need to bed the glass against the plywood, and that's not always leak proof. You can run a router around the rim creating a small rabbit on the outside and this will give you a better seal when you add flex caulk between the glass and plywood.
  15. Personally I would create a ring for the outside, allowing it to be sized inside into the hole cut to fit the piece of plexiglass and epoxy it to the outside of the plywood cabin sides. Then bed the plexiglass against the ring on the outside from the inside. This is if the cabin sides plywood thickness is the same. The cut another ring for the inside and bed that against the plexiglass and the plywood on the inside of the cabin, running screws into the cabin side plywood from the inside and even a tad bit into the outside ring without going thru. Plan accordingly ahead with the thickness of the outside ring so that you do not go thru the outside ring all the way. Of course with decent caulk you really will not need to go that deep anyway. Those rings are not going anywhere. Now I use black Loctite Roofing and Flashing sealant for mine. Scuff up the plexiglass a bit in the area of the ring and glue area. This gives you a clean finish with no screws showing. And if you have some teak, use this for your trim rings, varnishing them and this gives you some bling. ;<}
  16. How good is good enough.,,, Personally when I was young and building something for myself, glits and gingerbread meant more than It does now. Currently, structural integrity and functionality rules the roost over and above any real shine now. I think it revolves around being concerned about impressing others versus not worrying about what others think this late in life. For sure that should be important and probably important to others. But that's where I am now. Its not longer about the process, which to many is really where its at. But building is truly fun and the reason why I still keep a workable grinder around though.
  17. Ah,, you are not done sir. We must see the completed paint and launching and feedback. This looks like a project for other old codgers.
  18. I think the orange goes well with the hull color too.
  19. Since this is probably one of the best run places on the net, can the members participate in the funding? Its great to come here and not be buried in junk at any time day or night.
  20. You have a way with words from your moaning chair. You sound like some politician telling us that you are no longer in the running for man of the year in your kingdom. The only two issues that I see here when using a portable shed is rolling up the sides for a typical 20 foot single portable carport. Its a chore. Being in your area you will also probably deal with hurricanes, which can cause a problem especially if you have an uncompleted project. I have used King Canopy successfully over the years and the ends roll up nicely. I have also used concrete blocks at each pole, secured in place by a line to the horizontal tubing. I also have used the 8x8x16 blocks and placed the feet inside of the voids, securing them to their location better for when the wind blows. The website is not the easiest to navigate. I have also used the 18 x27 since I had extra room and this gave me more working room and ventilation instead of working in the single closet. https://www.kingcanopy.com/ https://www.kingcanopy.com/item/hc1020pc/hercules/ Sidewall kit https://www.kingcanopy.com/item/inasw6p10wh/instant-accessories/ https://www.kingcanopy.com/item/hc1827pc/hercules/ sidewall kit https://www.kingcanopy.com/item/swk1827wf-2/side-wall-kits/
  21. This current build that I am attempting to finish up on is probably a five out of ten in cosmetics from anything in the past that I personally have done. This actually stems from a lot of reasons, and not from the lack of wanting and trying. But as I have aged, cosmetics takes a back seat to function in a boat. Plus this is late summer and a person can spend their time polishing or using. Using is now taking a front row for us. Anyway sorry for the side note with Ken, but he really knew how to enjoy his previous craft, even though it was yellow.
  22. Love your reports ,, Still lurking from the bleachers and loving your boat and setup.... Your boat is similar above the rails as the Ocean Pointer, but surely the hull is prettier and much better construction and weight.
  23. You never addressed "Perfection" . That's when you are on the water, and yes even in a yellow boat with the critical landlubbers and engineers with their pocket protectors and micrometers looking from the shore and trying to figure how to experience your Nirvana , wishing they were there too. [nice mouthful there]:<} THat's where I am with tolerance nasal gazers.
  24. Awesome report! And tell us about the custom built drink holder, or so it appears,,, Thanks,,
  25. When you saw you drug your centerboard, that's an understatement. Right around Nelson Bay and Sea Level there was nothing but sand for as far as you could see, with a little bit of water on it. THe windsurfer was standing tall, but going no where north in the same area. I could not get to him to see if he wanted help or water and he did not wave as if he wanted any. So if you see him tell him that the blue hull boat was not ignoring him as it turned west to head into Salter's Creek. But rest assured, the Pamlico Sound was kicking later on the afternoon out f the east northeast.
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