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  1. It looks like the front portion will fit between the sides of the current trailer. So Maybe add two new 2 x 6 carpet covered bunks to the trailer partially extending the flat bed, making a combination boat trailer and utility trailer. This lowers the location of the boat and install the winch to the front of the cross section of the trailer. All you also need to do is to install the two bunks on pivot pins at the bottom portion of trailer frame making this trailer like the older ones where the back portion operates on a pull pin. Of course the longer point would be on the forward section from the back of the trailer so that the bunks do not dig in as you back down to load. Just my thinking anyway, If you need the lights to be back further, then use the portable lights purchased from Harbor Freight or Walmart, which sells them locally mounted on a 2x4 and tie it to your boat's transom on the top ladder back rails
  2. Cool project and great work, All you need to help load that boat in the trailer is a galvanized pipe threaded at the end and end caps mounted on the back of the trailer using u-bolts at the end or a piece of metal with drilled holes so that the pipe can spin with caps and a pool noddle and you are all set up. If you want to get that "iron jib" out of your way and upgrade to a bigger one, let me know. I will offset your upgrade engine fund. Did you ever get rid of that canoe boat? If not let me know. I got rid of my inflatable and need something for the grandkids until they can get back into school in Aug.
  3. We sent an email to your listed email address.
  4. We have sent you an email to your listed email address in your ad posted in the classified section. If this is incorrect shoot me a pm with any updated information and we will reply.
  5. Yes I continue to try and clean out my garage with accumulated stuff that I know longer plan on using. This is old stock that's left over. Its approx. 329 bd. ft. The boards are 6, 7, 8 an 10 inch wide stock and 9 to 10 foot in length. Located eastern North Carolina and can deliver regionally if you want the entire lot. I will let it go for 9 bucks a bd. ft. I surfaced planed the entire lot.
  6. So The folks hanging out in and around Chapel Creek have snuck in a new one on us. Come out of the closet Alan and tell us a bit more about how this one came about.
  7. Wow, what a nice project and workmanship.. I really like the colors and the built in facilities. Hope your daughter stays say and enjoys herself too as she travels and works at the same time. I have a DIL that did that for a while before settling down with my son. An adventure while making great money, what more can you ask for in your youth.. Thanks a bunch for sharing.
  8. That looks like a nice tear drop. Any more details on that one? Brent that used to be active on the forum and built and sailed several of B&B designs sailed extensively by himself on the lake. Maybe seek out his profile here and send him a private message. Maybe he is still available that way. Or maybe Graham has his number. I lost his regular email.
  9. I am not a big guy. But I found that 16 inches on small row boats works for me. I also use 9 foot oars.
  10. You will have a complete package that compliments each other while being usable. Great job as always. And I like the name too.
  11. Those small skiffs are very practical for inshore creek fishing and birding. If you are in the panhandle, then the boat would work great for redfish and trout. Adam is very responsive to your questions . If you run into a problem let me know too. I am sure that I can share an opinion or two, which may confuse you even more.
  12. Yes the scarf fir plywood was readily available back then. And the red stuff is resorcinol glue. And you needed good fitting seams and joints when using that. But it was some great stuff. Looking forward to both your finished products.
  13. Now that's a cool story and a good break from the goings on in the world. I bet you built your boat using good quality fir plywood back then. And like many folks back then they used polyester resin for any and all glass work. Cant wait to see an hear more about that design as you progress along on your new boat building project. Things have surely changed in the small backyard boat building industry since 68, even though the addiction stays the same. People built small boats from pictures in Popular Mechanic magazines. Now we got youngens designing small craft without the use of lofting tables and tireless hours of fine point pencils. Of course some folks never change their ways and use a hatchet , some pine and a string to lay up boats.
  14. If the 80 works okay, I would sand off as much as possible and start over, even if you do use the Kirby topcoat paint. The topcoat is only a good as what its bonding to, of course. just my .02 worth
  15. Can we get an update sir? How are things?
  16. The only water based paint I have ever used on boats is on commercial boats. And using water based paint on our stuff is some feel good approach for something that is not complicated at all. Many of us use rustoleum or equivalent oil based enamels in lieu of spending big bucks on two part paints and the added work that's really needed to make that type of paint look correct. Unless you use a flattening agent in the two part your prep work needs to be close to perfect. So for 9.99 give or take a few pennies now I can buy one quart of the Rustoleum or equivalent and paint my skiffs and it does what I need and last three to four years without a problem to my eye and soul. Not even Brightside will do that unless you apply many more coats from the start, of course my opinion and observation. If you can't find the right color, then just make it using the smaller pint sized for colorant in the base color of white. That's what I do. Just make sure you keep your formula or make up an extra quart for down the road that matches. That's my story anyway. FWIW, I use True Value Hardware's equivalent called XO Rust for my topcoats on most all of my personal boats.
  17. I have personally used it on West System over every one of their fairing products and yes fiberglass cloth and biaxal . I have used it over awlgrip Awlfair, the two part fairing compound. And of course it works over E Bond Epoxy and have never had a problem with it bonding long term. Of course any blush needs to be removed. But I have applied it for priming under awlgrip paints. Just let it cure for a week or so and then sand it . One thing to note is that the further down the gallon can that it gets the thicker it gets. SO you may need to thin it a bit with mineral spirits , stirring it in the can really well, which will blend it back to its original viscosity. It dries really quickly. So applying it outdoors and in any wind does create some lapping . Of course if anyone has some questions about it, then just try a sample of it on a piece of plywood , replicating the application on the big job.
  18. Shaking my head, ain't you learned nuttin with all those builds? Oil based interior Kilz, yep, no matter the topcoat. Its like mom's apple pie, tried all those high dollar ones and still can't beat it at 15 plus bucks a gallon. Roll it on and you can multi coat it in a day. And yes you can do this in the winter time too. Go away and wait two days and then sand it smooth as a newborn baby's butt.
  19. I am really old school and work without the benefit of fancy machines. While they are good for space planning its hard to beat full scale when you get your hull in particular built. A good practice is to mock up your interior parts in full size so that you can see if any specific details of your needs on a layout actually will work for you. I use simple and cheap 1/4" door skin or bathroom underlayment, which is cheap and sold at most big box stores by comparison to the good stuff when making cuts only to find out that things are not quite right. I screw the stuff together with some wooden bits and sheetrock screws. The mock ups don't have to be particularly perfect. And with a small kid and wife in tow, in lieu of the rv units, which has its advantages on land there are compact raw water marine ac units out that draws little amps and will cool your boat using a simple inverter generator now. The 9,000 btu unit, which I just installed in my small houseboat draws about 7.5 amps. So your generator stores away in a small space when traveling. They will run a microwave too.
  20. It sounds like you have a full plate ahead of you. Since you have time, your best investment right now is to go ahead and buy the plans. It sounds like you have skills and tools to cut your parts out using the CNC. But your restore is completely different than the building method of the BJ. If I was in your shoes I would even start out by building a simple tape and glue pirogue and get use to mixing and spreading fillets and glass tape. This will give you a quick project to succeed with and then move on to the micro tug. This one will be a cool little project for your little kidlet with an electric trolling motor to play around with in their early years until around 6 while you build the bigger boat. You will have plenty of distractions and time management will be the key. Be patient, Rome was not built in a day.
  21. I would like to take the chance to post this link to a mighty fine custom build, designed by the team at B&B. Its surely not a project that most of us would take upon ourselves if you are a weekend type builder. And this project had several twists and turns, including the death of a hard worker that died way too young in the early stages of the build. Kudos to the owner , and thanks to the late Capt. Buck for never being afraid of being challenged on any build. If you do not know Capt. Buck, well he was never really afraid of a grinder himself, and was part of the beginnings of the 45' cat boat also designed and built by Graham and associates long before the two hulls came together. Hope the owner enjoys the boat for a lot of years to come. I love it! https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/blog/launching-the-rough-point-37/
  22. Professing ones faith and wishing people to be blessed is not forcing any religious faith on anyone. This surely does not give you cooties. And on the internet, where each and everyone of us login to read anything, you do have freedom from religion each and every day if you choose. And the Lord does not promise us smooth sailing our entire lives. What he does promise is that he will stand along side of us during the storms. And I actually say a little pray, as your scripture suggests when I float a boat the first time and every follow up trip. And in many cases new boats and even homes gets a blessing upon the original launching too. And that's also done in public.
  23. Part of staying at home means staying busy. I got permission to build a new carriage for the queen. So nice of her Nice post Chick,, and lets just say I am not trying to keep up with you though., but you give inspiration for old pharts, or maybe this young phart from you.
  24. I don't know why you attacked him over expressing a kind jester and a motivational prod to everyone. And heck I sleep with my own quarantined help. So should I social distance with her now? as many others live in the same household with idled kids home from school or partners working from home . Oh FWIW my king size bed almost qualifies, unless she decides to kick me out of that in the near future. Then I will be in strict compliance.
  25. Your location may have something to do with the lack of interest. But the country's situation makes things difficult to travel too, to even consider it and possibly meeting you somewhere close too. So don't be too outdone. I like it and if you were closer it would be a nice project to fill the time away awaiting for things to calm down in the country from the issues of the virus. I have a perfect engine for that boat too.
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