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  1. Well you can create a wooden frame , known as a wooden wheel and rolled it over with the right combination of room and related equipment. But we wanted to get it up on the trailer with simplicity and less time consuming. Sometimes you cry "uncle" though without crying uncle. We weighed the value coupon against manual labor and the added effort. For our situation the extra effort and materials to get the strongback mobile from the ground in the confined space and on the other side of the yard to the driveway may have been a bit of an overkill. But it was grand beyond wild imagination for the uneven humps and angles. But the setup was absolutely the ticket and two people pushed while one person steered. But the project is a slow and steady piece of work that will hopefully be completed in the next couple of years, if things goes as planned. How do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time. Now its time for Alan to point us in the right direction of locating the fuel tank and related parts to be incorporated under the deck for the desired interior layout that will be determined once we clean out the non essential parts. . By the way I highly recommend solid 8" casters in lieu of pneumatic ones on solid surfaces.
  2. Well we finally got to the stage of flipping.
  3. There is a pink color in awlgrip. Of course its a bit harder to paint and a bit more expensive. But there are large sportfishermen painted pink. So its not taboo at all. One of the largest builders did several custom builds for an owner that his entire family was all women. So they called the boats Seven Days. This is their color chart. I did a kayak in this color. https://www.p2marine.com/documents/awlgrip/awlgrip-color-card.pdf
  4. Well its been a while and I have neglected posting any finish work shots, since the work is fairly boring in color. And pictures from phones are way to large and I don't know how to transfer them to here, which also are huge. But i have reached the point that I think I am within a week of finally getting the final coat of topcoat in it. Life has a way of altering the best laid plans. Fairing was not as easy as it used to be. Its been a while since I used a gorilla board to sand and fair and had really forgot about how much fun it was and excersize I got when getting up close and personal with the real warmth that wood gives you. . But the summer was a bit humid and gummy on the surface, which slowed the process too. So anyway, upon finishing a bit more high build primer in areas and sanding, then topcoat, she will see sunshine and the inside will see sunlight too after the flip.
  5. The Messabout can also be bad on your wallet when you get in the group of idle handed wood addicts these days, a slightly dusty shop with stacks of full sheet plywood, an active computer screen with boat drawings and one leader with "special suggestions". There is are always room for improvements , no matter what your fully built hulls may be waiting for your next trip. Good to catch up with some of your guys on this thread and forum again. Someone was promising follow up reports of the week and weekend. [hint, hint] Nick, good to see your re-creation in action.
  6. I saw this SR 20 this weekend. I agree with Graham, she ranks right up there with the best open cruiser model in these style boats. The outboard does not look out of place at all.
  7. That's quite a view from your break room and lunch seat. Several areas comes to mind as it relates to your list, I created a custom shallow water sailing skiff and I inlaid wheel weights in epoxy in a recessed section of my centerboard. then glassed over the unit with biaxal glass. It worked super. I also added a built in drink cooler with a drain overboard in my helm seat of a cruiser. Of course waterline for the drain and bottom of the cooler comes into play. But you really don't need a deep box as long as you generate a longer than deeper one. Of course plan for insulation thickness . I used close cell foam, which received epoxy and glass and bonded really well. This is an example, but can be modified to fit any shape and form for an area. Create a crude mold for your box and taper the unit so it comes off easily when you create a solid glass skin for the inside. Formica is great for the outer skin and just wax the surface really well before glassing. I also used portable bunk board inserts from side seating for sleeping.
  8. For you folks unable to attend this evening, the food was grand, the talk was overflowing with stories and we finished up the evening with Ms. Carla's birthday celebration. It was nice to meet folks in person that has provided commentary in print here. A report on Graham, well he appears to be fit and ready for another trip. But he told me not to tell Ms. Carla his plan.
  9. Was wondering how things were with you lately. So sorry to hear the health issues, Hope things gets better. Your skiff is still one of the coolest in the water.
  10. Alan, sent you a text and wondered if it got it at the same number as you had in the summer.
  11. UShip has flat beds and enclosed trailers and shippers will bid on your boat and trailer too. You can specify how you would like your boat transported. https://www.uship.com/?irclickid=xFjTWkX2txyNRduTHX3EqwlyUkAQoaS5xTumSw0&utm_channel=affiliate&utm_source=Impact&utm_campaign=uShip SHIP PAGE&utm_medium=2003851&irgwc=1
  12. Life and sometimes longevity is about mind over matter. For sure you have the ultimate attitude to manage your current issue. Making the most of what we have at each segment of our life should always be the goal of everyone too. You inspire that each and everyday. It was really nice to see you and catch up a bit over the weekend.
  13. That almost looks like George Washington crossing the Delaware.Glad to read you and your group are getting the hang of attacking the challenges of docking in a professional way in your beautiful craft.
  14. Both the 24 and the 26 involves the same steps, just a few more pieces of wood and will handle the same. We never seem to have enough room inside, the more we use one. But after going back and forth between the two sizes, the difference for me would be a bit more room for a head and shower in the 26 if you create a decent layout inside the cabin with about the same creature comforts for cruising and overnighting. Now to speak about Ken and esteem builder of the Bluejacket, both are hard to live up to in their standards of excellence, creation and execution of boat building skills. I haven't updated my thread since I have been in the stage of laminating the sides, which is like building two boats in one with the cold molding process. So if you go this route be prepared to have plenty of patience as you see the boat take shape,,,,,,,,slowly. That's my recommendation to anyone that's never bit off a project with shape before. And I recommend going with a slower harder for your larger glue ups. And be patient and let things dry enough before moving along to your next step if its related to your last step. Wet out properly all mating parts.
  15. Nice work,, You are not far from launching, just a few more details. Its amazing how much work you end up with after the flip. But at least you have a helper to speed things up.
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