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  1. Happy New Years.. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. Wow! Never thought of doing that when working with bondo on cars. Thanks..
  3. Merry Christmas.. Thank You everybody for all the help..
  4. What I learned the hot way: make lots of small batchs, one at a time, use up the mix, then make another batch. This keeps things from overheating. I had pots of expensive resin tossed into snow drifts to kill the fires, and then had a foam roller soak up so much that it started smoking too. I now use squeegees to spread the resin, and the little acid brushes for applying a thickened mix to joints. I never use the roller or paint brushes any more. Good to know how hot epoxy gets.. Fires!! Now thats hot.. Getting delays building the jig for the dinghy this week while on vacation. The portable garage came down during the storm and I have to replace the poles. Also need to change four tie rods, idler arm and an upper ball joint on the truck to pass inspection. I hate delays. But it gives me time with the adhesive questions. I apreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.
  5. I don't mind taking it slow on the first one.
  6. if your interested. I found one brand that works down to 35 degrees. http://www.epoxyproducts.com/1_marineresins.html We will be building the 1st dinghy indoors in a heated cellar. We will need one that will allow extra time during the first one. Should I use the 206?
  7. Which do you recommend? The slow or fast hardner?
  8. Just looked at B and B site. I didn't see any adhesives for sale just plans.
  9. More info on Q&A on repairs and adhesive. http://www.storerboatplans.com/Faq/Saltpreservative2.html
  10. I sanyone here familiar with this product? http://www.fiberglasssite.com/servlet/Detail?no=90
  11. While I have been getting up to speed on these adhesive for my own purpose I have found these products that might help. http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/search_subCategory.do?categoryName=Wood%20Rot%20Repair%20and%20Restoration&categoryId=609&refine=1&page=GRID These products are designed for rot repair.
  12. Here is one page with a chart on which hardner to use including tensil strengthand surface saturation. http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=3760&familyName=WEST+System+105+Epoxy+Resin I'm on the learning curve with these adhesives.
  13. Out of all the pictures in the gallery for the PK78 the above picture was the only one with the full trimming. All the others were plain and simple, not works of art. I like stained or clear finished wood as trimming on boats, it adds character to the boats. I'm getting the size E drawing copied(patterns) so that I have an original plan. Hope to make the stencils this weekend. I might get the 1/2 regular plywood to have the parts in the Size E drawing. Then I will make the jig using these parts for spacing the mounts. That will be during my vacation week this month. Looks like the plywood Dinghy will be the 1st to be built with some storage in the seat area. This will be increase our future data for the more expensive Dinghys. Were even looking at less expensive material for the first Dinghy to cut cost. We will have to test the materials out first.. I'll take pictures of the parts and jig setup so I can post them in a separate topic. Ideas are flying left and right here and my notes are growing. The gallery pictures at Bateau are awesome and extremely helpful. I'm going to have to get power to the new shed(workshop). Heat would also be nice..
  14. They still give away the D4 plans. It lacked angles, curve, and lots of assembly instructions. Decided to order the D5 to save time and was very satisfied with the drawing package. I wouldn't hesitate to order more plans from them sometime in the future. Right now its one project at a time. Looks like three are definately will be built( 2 with marine plywood, 1 with regular plywood), and a posible fourth. If this keeps going we will have to form our own local club. WOW!! Just looked at the pictures of the Prameke 7'-8". Its a beauty. Its wider than the D5 and more stabile in the water. http://www.bateau.com/proddetail.php?prod=PK78 I love the wood finish on this one. Its awsome looking.
  15. Just got the D5 Dinghy plans this morning Bateau. WOW!! Great Plans and assembly information. Major time saver. Worth the fifty bucks. I found some flexable semi clear acrilic panels to use as template material. I have a vacation week at end of the month to get my backside in gear. Unless I go Ice Fishing.
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