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  1. I'd try the floating tenon too. I do have to wonder how it would hold up in a capsize when the cb is the lever you are using to try to right the boat. A joint there seems vulnerable to me.
  2. GO STEVE GO!!!!!!!!! Congrats on Teddy's accomplishments.
  3. Steve I've heard Doug play that song. Talk about ironic....
  4. can you tell me the make of the fold down ladder on the CS17. Also, on Avocet the entry over the transom seemed effortless. Is there a step of some sort back there? thanks
  5. Steve, it sounds that not only did you get some great sailing in with Doug but some schooling as well. Did he charge you tuition?
  6. While it is not on Kirby's color chart, they do make the Alerion Green.
  7. You've got 3/8 of an inch "float". I'll take the odds. This thing is looking great Steve. kb
  8. By the way Steve pick the color you want, regardless. I wouldn't mind a bit sailing with a boat the same color as mine. kb
  9. Steve, It was George Kirby #3 Green Tint . Give them a call and ask them to send you a color chart. I really like the traditional enamel paint and it went on beautifully. https://kirbypaint.com/ I've also read a couple of good reviews on Marshall's Cove paint but have no experience with them http://www.marshallscovemarinepaint.com/products
  10. In my book, you can't go wrong with a green boat, right ?
  11. Go Steve go! So Carlita proves that the paint job can really make a difference in altering the appearance of this boat. I think you are on to something. By the way nice video. Real nice Navigator there, eh? ;~)
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