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  1. Hello, brand new to this forum, it was the only one that I could find that had much of anything posted about foam boats (http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/8423-a-foam-boat/, most seem to not like it). I have come into a free solid core foam boat, i.e. left at side of road with free sign. It was apparently a sailboat somehow. It is pretty small, maybe two people, about 3 foot beam, 10-12ft long. It appears to be entirely made of some quite solid foam encased in a thing flexible plastic shell made of two parts, a liner and an outer shell. The outer shell has been ripped badly on the bottom in a big section. I would like to repair this so that the foam does not get worn away quickly, as it surely would. My idea was to use truck bedliner to spray on the exposed foam. Does anyone have any thoughts on that/ alternative ideas? This boat looks pretty ideal for my use which is not demanding, just something to drop in the water and paddle out a bit with my dog, basically a foam canoe that I can lift on my own. I will simply be throwing it in my truck bed (worked well picking up from side of road) and carrying it down to drop in the water, long term if I like it I would perhaps build a bicycle trailer for it, like some of the kayak bike trailer builds you can see online. TLDR; Can protect the bottom of solid core foam boat with truck bedliner or is there a better coating? All I require is basic functionality, with an eye towards durability (as much as is even possible with a foam boat lol) I can upload pictures later when I take some if there is interest.
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