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  1. No problem. Thanks for quick response and getting them up so quickly.
  2. Hey Jeff, I was checking out the site and saw the spray skirts. When I clicked the link for one I got a 404 error page. Do you have any left in stock? If so I am very interested in ordering one for my Vardo with the plywood coaming.
  3. That is a great looking boat. Congratulations on the launch.
  4. Jeff, Good to know the cheaper bicycle type work even with a few caveats. Your advice is very consistent with a lot of the reviews I have read which state to get better rope. I like the idea of adding the nylon webbing. Woodman that is a serious rig. I might have to switch to one of those after build number two. This boat building thing is pretty addicting.
  5. Rich, Thanks for the info. I think I will give one of those systems a try.
  6. Has anyone had any luck with pulley lift systems in their garage? Is there anything to be take into consideration with SOF design?
  7. Looks great! Nice work. What type of oil are you going to use on the frame?
  8. Awesome! Action thank you for the plans! Thank you Pilotlon! I look forward to seeing your build. That is a beautiful area, perfect for a launch.
  9. Thanks Action!!! bwhip - That is great idea about the retainer straps and the bungee cord.
  10. I totally need a red one to be sure. Might be a curlew or shad. The third one can be yellow or green, maybe a mix of both. Got the back band on today. I was totally over thinking the bungee cord. After learning sewing is not that difficult, at least my hackwork kind of sewing, I hand stitched together a cockpit cover for the winter months. There are lots of good directions online. The best part is it only cost me about 12 bucks, ten for fabric and two for the cord stops. It is just a bit large which I guess is better than small. I would not trust it on the freeway but might give
  11. That is true and it has happened with a number of non-kayak related items over the years. Winters are pretty harsh here so outside is a no go past September (some years). I think I am really going to have to put some effort into getting creative with the space in the garage. Giving them is a very interesting idea and I might consider it. Testing would certainly be the key, could not live down possible endangering someone due to poor craftsmanship.
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