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  1. Looking nice. Just when you think you're finished with sanding. Ready,. set, time to sand it again... fairing putty, high build, finish primer. I think boat building is 95% sanding.
  2. Completely agree with Riggs. Beautiful work.
  3. I'll take a stab at this since no one else has yet. I don't know what is sufficient for the application because there is no application information... Then I still probably wouldn't. CSM, as a mat, usually has a binder that holds all the pieces together and the binder is dissolved by styrene, a product not contained in epoxy. Therefore the binder is never dissolved using epoxy and the fibers never come loose to make fitting work. There is also some sizing compatibility that causes the resin/fiber bonding to be less than designed. Stitch mat and some combination products don't have that problem because they're not glued and are therefore compatible with epoxy. Most combination products that my supplier provides are epoxy compatible. I don't think you will see a big difference laying 1208. It's a little bit stiffer but harder to pull out of shape. Can you use 1200 where 1208 is specified? I had this discussion with Graham. I heard from others in the business that combination textiles are hold overs from polystyrene products and the mat has no place in epoxy construction. Graham's response was that while it's true that you don't need the csm for peel strength, it does help getting glass fibers packed closer together and it provides some off axis strength. But in the end he said that if the csm offends me I could use 1800.
  4. Hey Joe, We met this summer when you were out on the pond and I ran up with the little whaler (imitation) to ask if your's was Alan's old boat. Nice trip thanks for taking us along. Beautiful boat BTW.
  5. Very clean work. Looks quite fair.
  6. Really coming together. Nice work.
  7. I really like how Graham uses his boat. Glad he's enjoying a nice adventure.
  8. Successful day, congratulations.
  9. Thanks Gents. I was just reading through the first few pages of this thread, oh how optimistic I was at the beginning. Thought I would be done in 1.5 years. Two years ago the wife asked how much longer? a year? I had some smart arse retort like "it better not take that long!" OH, the fantasy. Whisky (just got back from Scotland and was taught the correct way to spell it) plank was over 3 years ago. That means I've been sanding for 3 years and I still have more to do.
  10. Beautiful boat, good luck with the build. Maybe you could get Ken and Dutch OB to come over and help. They seem to be able to knock these builds out in no time. Done by Christmas.
  11. Show coat to check my fairing. A couple of spots that need some work but generally OK.
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