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  1. Not sure what the USCG regulations are but consider the use of some solid piping where allows.

    It's amazing how fuel smell can build up in confined spaces (permeate through fuel hosing and less than perfect fittings).

    Only use the USCG rated fuel hose.

    Personally, I used a plexiglass hatch porthole so I can see what is going on in the cofferdam for the fuel tank. 

  2. On 8/21/2021 at 4:26 AM, Justin C said:

    @lenm Congratulations! She's an amazing looking boat.  This is really the boat I want to build (but need space). Thanks for sharing the journey with us. 


    Did you ever finish the model you built to match the finished boat?

    Thanks Justin!

    It sure is a journey if lots of time love and care is put into a build (such as your project and some of the other build on this forum)

    I still need to finish the model but it will be done soon.

    I have had the boat on the water for several months now and have had 3 offers to purchase it. People stop me at the gas station, the boat harbour, out fishing, and even knock on my front door to ask if they can have a look over it.

    I never intended it to be anything more than a tool for my fly fishing and family adventures - so humbled by all the compliments. 

    Graham is certainly a talented designer and am greatful he bring designs like this to hobby builders such as ourselves.

    Building a boat is so rewarding, is certainly trumps any other achievement ive personally achieved in my life like university/masters degrees etc. 

    Look forward to following others builds such yours now


  3. As promised, my particular performance specs incase anyone is interested / building an OC20.

    Motor: Yamaha 150hp XCA (2800cc) Digital Electric Control

    Prop: Yamaha Reliance 3 blade Stainless 17m 14 1/4

    Trim Tabs: Bennett Bolt 9x12

    Crew: 3

    Fuel: 150 Litres

    WOT: 40 Knots at 6000RPM

    Cruise: 20-25 knots at 3400-3800rpm

    Fuel: 17-20 Litres per hour at cruise

    Just did a 150km round trip to the top of Fraser Island and we only used 74 Litres of fuel total.


    My Movie 14.jpg


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  4. 17 hours ago, Kennneee said:

    Lenny- I have been following this build for a long time. Your craftsmanship is really impressive and the final product is a beauty! Congratulations and enjoy the fruits of your labor!



    Many thanks Ken! 

    yes looking forward spending lots of family time out on it.

    15 hours ago, PadrePoint said:

    You have a very appealing boat. Great job. 

    Thanks PadrePoint!

  5. Hi all,


    Might be time to bring this thread to an end..


    After waiting patiently for 4 months, the motor finally arrived this week (Yamaha 150hp DEC 2.8L)


    I have to admit I was a bit nervous about the sea trials given the amount of hours which went into the project.

    Despite a few minor setup/teething problems (to be expected), she floated perfectly on her lines and went like a dream!

    I am so happy with the performance. A well mannered hull with such a dry and smooth ride. At-rest stability was great as well.


    All the hard work was suddenly forgotten after seeing my wife and young sons face light up we put the throttle down - which was approaching 40knots on the yamaha gauge!
    He has been a champ helping me out from time to time on the project and was 4 years old when we started (now 9 years old).
    The only regret I have about the project is not finishing it in time for my father to see it (passed away mid last year ?


    Most of all, I wanted thank to thank Grahame and the B&B team for such a great design, and plans which were so accurate and simple to follow.  You are a very talented designer.


    If anyone is interested in the performance specs with this particular motor setup, let me know and I can post here once the engine has been run-in properly.


    Thanks for following the build and anyone who offered advise along the way.





    Pic of launch and Yamaha tech, Brunswick River, Australia






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  6. A photo of new tee top install and upper station for spotting fish on the flats.

    I design out of lightweight large diameter alloy tube.

    Looks like arrival of motor won't be until mid January now.

    Quite disappointing after a 4 year build and considering I ordered in August.

     Nevertheless, a first world problem..


  7. Quote

    An Ocracoke 20B just launched in Cairns with a 150 yamaha and reported 39 knots. There are more pics of her on their FB page. Search CJH yachts. They called it the CJH 22 after their customizations. Here is one pic.  I believe this is the first 20b

    That turned out nice and great to see some renowned Aussie builders embracing 'wood' construction.

    Most workshops are chopper gun and resin shovels

  8. 19 hours ago, Lotus said:

    Good HP choice , I'm pretty sure it hit 40 knots + , and will be very economical at cruising speeds . ( the bigger the better ? ) 


    We are having great time with our boat  


    good luck 

    40 knots! That's scary!

    Good to hear you have been having a good time in your boat.

  9. On 11/12/2020 at 8:46 PM, Lotus said:

    Nice looking boat Lenm !

    Almost time for rigging .

    Have you decided about what HP ?  


    Thanks Lotus!


    Re HP, the Australian way is to overpower everything ?

    I have ordered the smallest engine which has digital speed control (DEC) being the 150hp Yamaha.

    There is a shortage of new motors over here at the moment (have been waiting since August for it to arrive from Japan).

    I'm not too hopeful it will be arrive/be installed before xmas, so probably a mid January launch.


    I hope your boat has been good?


  10. 6 hours ago, HighDesert said:

    Man, that's a cool boat.  It looks really fast, too. 

    Thanks HighDesert! 

    Graham's design sure looks sweet in the flesh.

    Given this project thread is almost at an end, I'd sincerly like to thank Graham, Alan and all the forum members who have helped me out with opinions and advise throughout the project. It sure helped.

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  11. Today the boat left the confines of it's shed for good - being off to the spray painter for final finish.

    The transition from jig to trailer presented some challenges but we landed her safely in the end.

    It was nice to see it out in the open - something I have been dreaming of for the last few years.


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