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  1. Hi everyone, I built my S9N in NC a couple of years ago. It has served me quite well. I recently had an incident; bringing my S9N back to FL from NC it came loose from the top of the car and crashed onto the freeway. The aft half sustained very minimal damaged. The forward half didn't fair as well. I have a couple of gunwale to chine cracks through and through. However the worst part for me is the gunwales. On the port side I have just about 16 inches handing on in good shape, the rest of the port side gunwale is splintered on the freeway. The Starbord side has a little more than half it's length left although it is going on by a couple of inches. Does anyone have any advise for repairing or replacing these forward half gunwales? I appreciate the help and will gladly send photos if need. Thanks, Ralph G
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