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  1. 4 hours ago, Scott Pettigrew said:

    For me, wether my Vardo is 30 or 35 lbs is inconsequential considering my current fitness level.  Maybe when I'm older I'll think otherwise. ?

    I agree, and you can do that built to Jeff's specs and using 1/2" Balstic Birch

  2. The way we use plywood to make frames is not at all what plywood was invented for.  I doubt there is any real testing done on it for how we use it. This being said, we know it can work well.  I would think when it comes to resisting the forces to collapse a frame, the Baltic Birch is stronger than Okoume for any given thickness, it is also heavier.  But if I wanted to torture plywood into the shape of a boat, nothing comes close to BS 1088 Okoume plywood. This is a lot like the strip canoes people build, always looking for a way to make them lighter. 


    At what point is lighter not better than the strength sacrificed?

  3. Following up to a reply from long ago regarding PFDs.  Kayak PFDs, because of the high cut back, are also great for small sailboats, as one leans back against a combing in them as well. If you only want to have to own one, the kayak version seems best over all.

  4. I used solid bronze, drilled the holes myself.  I bedded it in BoatLife LifeCaulk as I wanted to be able to remove it easily, which I have done once.  The fasteners have plenty of purchase to hold it in place. UHMW plastic would work well. So would a thin strip of hardwood, it can be sacrificial. Some just do nothing and add a strip of hardwood when the wear dictates this is a good idea. I used brass on my kayaks, I see no reason not to use this on your 2 Paw. If you can build it, you can repair or modify it.

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  5. I guess I was much more fortunate than you.  I hauled Uinen from RI to FL behind my Toyota Tacoma (small footprint, 4 cylinder). Uinen was loaded with teak and Okoume ply, several hundred pounds, 2 Kudzu kayaks on my lumber rack and the bed full of misc stuff. I even had  to drive through NYC, which scared the hell out of me, but made it without incident. Good luck with the rest of the trip.







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  6. 3 hours ago, Kudzu said:

    You can clamp the two together and even them out.  When I was making kits I always put the coaming together temporarily and sanded it to get perfect mating surfaces.

    And while you are at it, drill your pilot and clearance holes so they line up too.


  7. I had pondered building my own mount that would work on the side, vs. stern.  I think it would be easier to mount the motor while on the water. I would only use the thing in no wind, so healing would be of no concern. No real thought into how it would secure, just a pondering at this point.


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