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  1. Trailerable and ocean cruiser? I guess everyone has there own opinions but I don't really see both of those criteria fitting the same boat. My thoughts are that each would compromise the other too much. I beat myself up debating similar issues as well and couldn't find a suitable mix. I settled on an old Pearson Renegade which I refitted myself. http://www.renegade27.org/

    Comfortable (relatively speaking) and seaworthy won out over trailerable.

  2. Sitka Spruce is the wood of choice over the years. The 7 Concordias I help take care of all have spruce spars. Long stringy grain and light weight. But I agree, that for commonly available lumber, Doug Fir is probably the best.

  3. Looks like you had a great trip. Narraganset Bay is such a great place to sail. Many have proclaimed it the best small boat sailing on the east coast.

    Does anyone else have as much fun in their boat as you do?

    I work in a boatyard and we have very few customers who could compete with Jeff in a fun/season contest :lol:

  4. At the boatyard where I work we repaint aluminum spars all the time. We use Awlgrip products on them.

    After prep and a serious cleaning of the surfaces we apply several coats of Awlgrip 545 2-part epoxy primer. If applied at intervals of 1 to 9 hours between coats it can be "hot" recoated; that means no sanding between coats needed. After 3 to 10 coats of primer (we have some very picky and wealthy customers) the primer is sanded with 400g paper and sprayed with Awlgrip 2-part linear polymer polyurethane topcoat. Some have us sand again and dress with clear.

    Awlgrip can also be brushed. The results, though not a car finish like sprayed, are still quite good.

    I will be using these products on my Spindrift 9N this winter. I will be "rolling and tipping"

    If you choose to use 2 part epoxies and polyurethanes make sure to read the MSDSs and DO NOT skimp on the safety equipment they call for.

  5. If there is any piece on a dinghy where resilience is more important than weight; you have found it. I am certainly considering weight for my choice for gunwhales, probably going to choose Sitka Spruce. But since every time I drag my tender the keel batten is going to suffer for it I think I am going to use African Mahogany. It has long stringy fibers that bend well and resist abrasion. It glues well and is quite rot resistant.

    I'm not sure how available it is in areas where boat building doesn't normally occur though.

  6. My mother says that when I was 2 years old I would row cardboard boxes with her best wooden cooking spoons. When I was 5 she would let me row the family pram in 2 feet of water and anchored on a short scope while she watched me row and my brother swim.

    Maybe there is some kid near you pining away for a boat who could earn it in some creative way?

    I don't know how many kids today fell in love with boats early like I did, but if you find one you will make him/her extremely happy.


    self-restored 1967 Pearson Renegade

    soon to be started Spindrift 9 Nesting

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