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  1. Well the #5 rivets are difficult to get and really expensive. So I'm going with the #4 as in the plans... if anyone cares! hahaha I wonder has anyone made a rubber boot to go around the main mast that seals to the mast and sleeves over the top of the tube? Seems like that would keep the tube really dry. And, relatedly, where have people run the drain hose from the bottom of the Main mast tube? through hull seems excessive and pokes a hole in the hull. Back to the forward bulkhead and into the cockpit? -Matt
  2. Decks forward and sides are all on. That was a complicated affair for some reason. Getting the inwales fitted was tricky. Though I did have a funny synchronicity. I'm taking an old dairy barn down this summer. It is the type with arched glue-lam beams, many of which were delaminating, contributing to its structural failure. The laminations of the beams are 20+ food long lengths of clear fir, 1 1/2" x 3/4" and bent to a long graceful arc. As the barn came down, much of all that was destroyed, but a pretty big pile of de-laminated lengths were savable. 18', and thereabouts. Lots of sho
  3. Coincidentally, I just assembled masts for our CS 17 today. I used 28" lengths of fabric cut from scrap, to use it up, but also to avoid the hemmed edge building up to ridges on the sides of the wraps. I found I had to sand quite alot to get them to go together. With the fabric I used, probably 24" or so would have been about right. I pulled it pretty tight and squeegeed it tight in the wrap. All went together great in the end. Another check off the list. Matt
  4. That is so inspiring! I'm getting to a reasonably short list here on my 17, so I hope to sail with you next summer. Maybe Mendota? Your trip looks like just the adventure I'm imagining. Wow Matt, in the Driftless
  5. Aaaah! Yes! Now I remember that strategy. We've been away long enough that the tricks have escaped me. OK I know "exactly" what to do now. I'd still like to make it over to see your boat sometime. You'll recall we played with that idea when you were just finishing yours and we were getting started. You've been sailing it while mine has been waiting and waiting! Now the end of the build is coming into view Matt
  6. IMG_0732.HEIC Making good progress. Got two glass tubes made, Deck framing is mostly installed and planed to an even arc. Bow eye in. Found my adjustable circle cutter to cut the hole for the Main tube. Definitely a drill press gig with that cutter, so I'll need a different technique for the mizzen tube hole. Can't really put the drill press in the cockpit. I upsized slightly the framing members for the deck. And I added a slight arc to the two cross members around the hatch opening to allow for an even flex of the panels. Matched the arc of the bulkhead and aft beam. We made an
  7. Hello friends and mentors, I'm approaching setting the tube for the Main and I need to level the boat on the trailer. Side to side is easy. I know there is a measurement if you bring level back from the bow to a certain point in the boat and the measurement down, it should be "x" I need this to get the rake right for the tube and mizzen foot as well Can someone fill in the blanks for me? Much obliged! Matt
  8. Great advice! I recall the tabernacle being under final refinements in 2015 Now you have me thinking
  9. I have a red half finished CS17 in wisconsin. There is a new post describing it. My son and I will get it done in the coming months. Maybe we can rendezvous next year?
  10. Hello all, My son and I got a CS17 kit SIX years ago when he was in 8th grade. We had a few interveneing events that pushed the project back again and again. He's 19 now and the two of us are determined to FINISH THE BOAT. We have a lot done and a fair amount to do yet. The hull, trunk, bulkheads and benches, centerboard and rudder, are all done. The bottom is glassed and painted. and the cockpit has a coat of paint. So my list is: Decks, combings, rub rail, fore hatch, cockpit hatch covers, masts, tracks, and glass tubes, sprits, tiller, set the centerboard and
  11. http://supermarinepaint.com/marinepaint/pc/Testimonial-d6.htm Anyone ever used this company? "SM1000" -Matt
  12. Hey Paul, Matt and Tru out in Viroqua here. How are you coming along? We're making good progress, but we might be a little less exacting than you in our approach to some things. Are you getting in the water this summer or fall? We are hopeful, but have a lot left to do. We'd still love to see your boat at whatever stage its at. Not sure when we'd find the time to get over there, but the intention is there! -Matt
  13. Sounds like the answer is, "go ahead, or don't bother and use whatever you got." Thanks. I will try it on the spars. -Matt
  14. I taped and then glassed the hull, then realized that I had not planed a flat surface to receive the keel, so now I need to shape the keel to fit over the v shaped bottom joint. If I ver build another one, I'll get a lot more right in the sequencing! -Matt
  15. http://www.duckworksbbs.com/supplies/cloth/sleeving/index.htm Has anyone used this stuff to make the mast tubes for the CS 17 masts? It is fiberglass cloth woven in tubes of various diameters and weights. Just saw it as I was shopping for some supplies and thought it might do a slick job of it. -Matt
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