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  1. Really looking good. I am hoping to start a 20' in the spring. My son in law just brought up the idea today of building a "hand paddle canoe" like one built by a neighbor when he was a kid. Got me on the net looking for ideas. So far we have a 1/3 scale cardboard mock up. It is 24" long with a beam at midpoint of 4 5/8". Flat bottom and sides about 9" tall. It is a pleasing shape but I have no idea how it will work. I am lame about posting pics but will try to get help from the youngsters in the house. Full size will be 6' at water line, 14" wide at midship.
  2. What a great thread and job you have done. I visited Graham at the shop this winter and it has given me the bug to do what you are almost finished doing. I get the not perfect part that worries all of us non experts. It is not that we need the perfection for ourselves, it is the respect for the designer and what we know the result could be. In the end the use by you and family and friends determine the success of your project. I salute your efforts and can't wait for splash pictures.
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