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  1. Rest assured, Paul, when I finally get over that side, we gone have a big party. I think it would be great to be able to hear us all laugh at each other's dumb jokes. Let's see what this storm season does, and plan a get together as soon as safe and feasible. Time keeps ticking, and excuses are easy to make. Peace, Robert
  2. The FreeB is a perfect boat. I love mine. I have honestly never paddled a nicer short boat. Thanks again, Jeff. Peace, Robert
  3. Oh, man. Would I had the loot, Chick. I'd love to have her if only to think of you when we unpacked the sammiches from the cooler... Plus, that'd be a real reason to finally drag my Sorry butt out there to hang with y'all. Dang, but I'd love to spend a couple campfires with you lot. Peace, Robert
  4. How do I what, now? Hehe. Like PAR said. The spots can be touched up, depending on the severity in the ways he mentioned. Generally, I just hit the fresh scratches with a little paper and some more paint. It always shows, but, oh well. I try to put a fresh once over coat on at the end of every "season" for a few seasons,, then strip it back to glass (or primer) and start again. Peace, Robert
  5. Because you are the coolest guy ever... Peace, Robert
  6. Don, Maybe. Maybe maybe. I hurt my foot pretty badly, which set everything in my life even further back this year. I'm just calling 2017 do over. Geez, it's more than half over, anyhow. Just now, I'm trying to get this dang boat done and wet. Every time I turn around lately it's some other new thing. Just now it's the trailer mods and fitting. Baby steps. Of course, is also been super busy this year with actual work and such, which is awesome. I may be able to swing a trip out to the Mess, but I'm still 50/50, best odds. However, next year already has some East Cost time in the budget, and all y'all are on the list, for sure! The whole reason, really, is wood boat friends. Peace, Robert
  7. This post, especially the bit about the proper way to paddle a canoe solo, made me love you even more than I did before, Chick, buddy. You are an exemplary small boat messer. Peace, Robert
  8. I would not mess with that design at all. It is one of the nicest paddling little boats ever. I can't thank you enough, Jeff, for those plans. I wish I could still paddle like I used to, but I still take freeb out. Peace, Robert
  9. Dang, thanks Don. I have been busy, busy, busy. Whew! Daughter is softball mania right now, and I've had loads of real work to do, which is nice, but annoying. But, I've been picking away at the oars. They are SUPER close. I keep weighing and scraping and fussing. The spar material is picked through, marked, and ready to cut and scarf. Most importantly, we are 92% ready for The Flip. Some more trailer mods (just putting boat supports in the right place) and we are ready for the permanent flip. It will be all muscles. She's still pretty light. Peace, Robert
  10. I know. Dumb, huh? Really, though, unless it's a very, very, very special case, or someone has OBSCENE amounts of money to spend, I won't build another strip/glass canoe. Now, a strip PLANKED sailboat? Hmmm. Maybe.;) Just now I'm playing full sized garop Tetris trying to get the big dumb creamsicle turned over so I can deck her. Peace, Robert
  11. Haha. I had. That's why you never say never. The real sick part? The rowboat is sheathed on the outside, and I did all the glassing alone, even. I've regained all my comfort and skills with the materials. Still. I ain't making no more canoes, I promise. I may make some more kayaks, but I can't paddle them very much anymore. Peace, Robert
  12. That is a Michalak Robote the kids and I built for them. The best part is it took 8 days from panels to boat. Peace, Robert
  13. The flip onto the trailer is imminent. I hope to have it done this week. Then, the inside and deck can be finished off! Yea! Peace, Robert
  14. I tend to wait until the epoxy is green, but cured, the "easy to cut" stage, then I use a (do I need to say SHARP?) chisel along the selvedges. The little bump/rolls slice right off, and are quite simple to fair in afterward. The sander sounds a treat, too. I absolutely second the filler feathered over the level change. I have also used plastic sheet as a sort of peel ply to smooth faired areas with a squeegee. It allows you to see where the fairing compound is being smoodged, and can leave a very smooth, fair surface. I used the method to attach the skeg on my orange boat. They were hearty fillets with glass over, and they came out smooth with minimal work after because I used fairing compound under plastic sheet to fair it all in. Peace, Robert
  15. Oh, I LIKE where this is heading. Exactly what you need Chick! Paul, Hands down my favorite of yours. It is perfect. I mean, to cram all that into that little space is true genius and art, Brother. Really. Excellent work! Peace, Robert
  16. Why are you guys drawing circles on your boats? What? Ohhh...:) Hehe. Just kidding! Peace, Robert
  17. Well, I missed everyone and everything. Grrr. I got in Saturday morning, and pitched my tent and went right to sleep. I did say "hi" to Graham though. Just hi, too. I was fresh in from a 27 hour nonstop drive, and just pitched my tent and fell asleep. He was gone when I woke up. That handsome, bearded fellow in the Homer Simpson shirt was me, eh.:) Carlita is nicer looking from ten feet away than on the web. Nobody was exaggerating the wind at all, either, gang. It blows down here. We didn't sail, though. Peace, Robert
  18. Chick, Sorry for the hijack, but here's a goofy little car top boat I built this week. Well, okay. It took 8 days. That thwart is moveable and removable. No stretchers yet, they will be installed to suit. Now, its rough as mud, and painted with porch and floor, except the rails. They have polyurethane! Eek! Anywho. Just wanted you all to know it ain't ALL guesswork on my part. Oh, you might can see the holes in the rails for the thole pins. She uses the same oars as the Frolic. Which is living up to the "twice as long" adage nicely, thank you. Peace, Robert Oh. I just can't paddle anymore, but I HAVE to get on the water, so I built a rowboat. What?
  19. Chick, Do you do foam planes? My buddy's all into them. Peace, Robert
  20. Speaking of old jokes, I heard some mangy old cat may be prowling Magnolia Beach next Friday. Mostly to bs and help. This whole year is a scratch. I'm pretending it didn't happen at all. Anyway. Hope you all have a great sail, and I hope you find that dang old cat. Peace, Robert
  21. Don, The top part is orange. Seriously, I always pour over the picture rather than the writing. Here is a stock photo from the web. Paint stores, hardware stores, and big box joints too, I think. I got mine at the hardware store because they know me, and they know the products. Big box scare me. No likey. Still. For jobs I often buy mistinted paints, and big box sometimes have good deals. Houses are different, though. I'll paint anything on the side of a house. I am a LITTLE choosy about boat paint. Peace, Robert P.S. Just noticed the can says satin. I used gloss.
  22. Well. I said my piece, and gave advice and information because I was asked. I never recommended anybody do anything I do. And I certainly don't criticize other people for their choices, nor insult their work. I come here only to cheer on others, learn, and add info to the pot. I am done dispensing advice. I have had to defend my self and my methods here and on my own thread in the main forum. I'll just stick to my own boats my own way, and leave you all to yours. Peace, Robert
  23. Here's that paint. It's set up for a while and seems plenty hard. It isn't as shiny, because it's dusty now. Still. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, just hoping to share my experience, even if I am dumb enough to just slap whatever on my boats. Peace, Robert
  24. Chick, We have pretty stringent environmental regulations out here, so we may have a wider range of water clean up type paints than other places, but the stuff I got is a valspar porch and floor "enamel" that is "polyurethane fortified" and water clean up. It seems to be harder than the typical water clean up paints I'm used to. Either way, for small boats like this, I prefer the ease of repair to ultimate durability. Your canoe looks AWESOME! Peace, Robert
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