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  1. I definitely need another “g” in my name. Why, tiggers is the best at climbing trees! Haha. That is me. Thank you all for being my friends. It really is touching. Also, thank you for allowing me to be me. I hope, one day, with help from others, to truly figure out this game called life. It’s either that, or earn the record for most screw ups in a human lifetime. Peace, Robert So, I shouldn’t mention all the solid wood in this boat is reclaimed? Peace, Frugal, Not Cheap (yeah, right;))
  2. I tried to sail, but the wind missed our date. I drifted around in a sailboat. Peace, Robert
  3. You’re a nice man. I thank you for the kind words. I generally don’t feel my posts are all that useful, and especially in this context. In reality, I AM doing everything wrong. I am spending way too much time on a crummy boat. This is a goofy boat that won’t appeal to many people, either. It looks weird, has unusual features, etc. I knew that going in, but I still got got. It seems a habit for me to choose the usual then be affronted when it is pointed out to me. Hmmm... I also don’t feel anything I am doing or discussing can come close to what some of the pro guys put up and contribute. I don’t have nearly the (boat)building experience many here do, and I should NOT b dispensing advice. I really should just learn how to take advice. However, I am obviously a petulant man child. I will contribute more stuff to the forum, to be sure. And i I will continue to pore over the posts of everyone else. I enjoy seeing progress, even I I don’t always comment. Peace, Robert P.S. I never really got over my gun shyness from the incident with that one guy. I nearly left the forum then, and feel mayhaps I should have. Anyway, it obviously affected my posting, and still does. Sigh...
  4. Rex, Dang, Brother. That is a row to hoe! I admire your strength. I’m not sure how I’d handle your set of variables. Probably not well. I wish you continued peace on your journey. Strength and love to you. The last line is hilarious. Prolific poster and builder. Hehe. I got re-introduced to forum life by the Kudzu page, then I branched to the main forum. I quit the internet for years, see, but I got this smart phone... Besides here, there are two other forums I participate in, and one ain’t about boats. I suppose a primary driver in my attitude is that I feel like a blow hard know-it-all spouting off like I know what’s what when I say stuff. I am always reticent to share my plans, ideas, and methods because I feel patently I qualified to tell anyone anything. Add to that my general distaste of the Internet and the decorum to be found there, (generally, not here) and I really don’t feel like participating all that much. I do, because I like to share, but I don’t, because I’m reticent to share. Ahem. Perhaps the most revealing aspect of this all to me is the fact I really don’t understand how to function around people. Anyway. I truly appreciate the mad, mad love to be found here, and I apologize, to everyone. I make no bones about the fact I am not a “normal” person, and I don’t get along well with people, because I don’t “get” society and the rules. I like to tell people I’m broken, but in a good way, like Forrest Gump. Hehe. Peace, Robert
  5. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, This is one reason I stay away from people, and don’t socialize. I am terrible at people. I don’t get them, and they don’t get me. I ain’t mad, and I ain’t leaving. This project has simply been on the defensive since Jump Street, though, and I’m tired of defending or explaining my every choice. The real facts are these. Several years ago I severely injured my spine. Broken bones; ruptured discs; trapped, pinched, and severed nerves. I spent more than a year bedridden, unable to move one leg, and only partially able to move the other. It took me more than two years of agonizing work to be able to walk again. The episode cost me my home and my life savings. So, now, I’m broken, and broke. I can’t paddle my beloved kayaks nor canoes anymore, so I decided to try sailboats. I am an inveterate builder, so the building isn’t a question. I will finish this boat, soon I hope, post a few pictures of the completed boat, then move along. For the next one, I’m thinking another lapstrake canoe, but a sailing version this time. Or maybe a nice rowboat? Peace, Robert
  6. I am reassured you aren’t trying to get rid of me. I generally post to share with people who also like wooden boats. Nobody where I live cares. I don’t generally seek information on the internet, rather fellowship and entertainment. Peace, Robert
  7. Paul and Dave, I don’t feel personally attacked or insulted, by you. I feel mistaken for having begun posting this project here. It’s my fault. This is an amateur built “craft”, made on the cheap, with cheap materials. I started posting merely to have something to share, but I have had every single decision questioned to the point I need to defend them. I am not teaching, preaching, nor soliciting, but merely wanted to share a project. Not too many people doing much posting of making stuff outside BandB... I suppose it is my own fault for not being able to take criticism, but I have no desire to continue posting about this boat. I don’t want to leave comments unanswered, but I don’t want to defend my actions and decisions anymore, so I am not going to post anymore about this boat. I’ll finish, sail it, use it, and move on. Peace, Robert
  8. As I’ve said, I’m done posting and debating. I am going to finish my boat and sail it and enjoy it, and I hope you all do the same, with your own boats that please you. Peace, Robert
  9. The screws are not threaded into the epoxy to form ANY kind of mechanical bond. The epoxy is tapped, and the screws pass through the threads easily. The threads are merely a mechanical backup for the bedding goop, should it fail, as a threaded fastener in a smooth hole makes a great wick. I promise, none of you will need to worry about exploding and drowning when the cleat fails. I will be the only one likely to perish from my poor technique. I will stop sharing all my bad ideas and cheap materials and poor workmanship. Peace, Have Taken Enough Guff Over This Build
  10. Paul, I always learned highly loaded fasteners should have the holes bored oversized, filled with epoxy, and drilled for the bolt/screw. That is the case here. The holes were drilled 5x the screw diameter, then drilled for the shank size. Being as I have to use machine screws, I wanted a threaded fit rather than slip fit, to help prevent water intrusion in case the prophylactics fail. The threaded portion of the screws will not add appreciably to the strength, in my mind. The big backing plate and fender washers will do that, I hope. Peace, Robert
  11. The after deck area. Needs a hatch coaming and hatch. The stripe is where the detachable boomkin (for sheeting the mizzen) will go. The forward deckal area, and second layer of rubrail, screwed not glued, yet. Visible is the base for the forward companion sill, and the cleat holes. These are over sized, epoxy filled, and drilled and tapped to fit the screws. They will go through the bresthook, centerline beam, and a backing plate, then get washers and lock nuts. The cabin top and slot. The eyebolts are double duty fairleads for a line to secure the soft top to, because it is a “birdwatcher” type cabin, and as anchors for the removeable hard top with hatches. The aft hatch will be a simple slider, and the fore hatch a simple hinged affair. I plan to have simple plastic drop boards, cut from the same stock the deadlights will be. The rudder and leeboard are almost done and need mounting. The spars are nearly all laminated, and the mizzen step is nearly done. Not many pieces left to make... Peace, Robert
  12. The plan is to use her a bunch, sail her in one of them raids, then leave her in the care of another gentleman in exchange for a pile of chips. I will add those chips to the pile I leave where Breezy was parked. Win, Win, Win. Peace, Master Planner, And Dreamer Of Dreams
  13. This where the feets go. All this is sealed, but open inside save framing and baffles. The seats are open at either end with watertight opening so they can be open to be vented during storage, but sealed when under way. The opening ports are themselves in watertight compartments, so it’s decently watertight during regular capsize type stupidity. The amount of water she can hold is also drastically reduced in such an antic, which makes one feel better about things. Well, this one, anyway. Hehe. Now it’s just a sheathing of glass on the seat tops, for a little texture and check protection, and the paint, Yo! Whoo-hoo! Almost time to attach the leeboard and rudder. Thems the final bits, aside from the masts and spars. Oh. And the mizzenmast step/partner and sprit. I decided to use a standing lug instead of a sharpie sail. I may even go really crazy and use a spritsail with sprit boom. I think it will fit the whole package better. Crud. And the bolt on cabin top. I figured a way to tie on a soft top for fair weather cruising with the birdwatcher slot in full effect, and to bolt a hard top with hatches on either end to the same attachment points... The cabin top will be light, and insulated with a foam core. The fore hatch will be hinged, and the aft a sliding companion hatch. Really simply made, though. And light weight. We ain’t talking about no blue water boat, here, just one that may tip over on a lake or bay. And we’re mostly trying to keep out falling water, anyway. Hehe. Peace, Robert
  14. Oh, and Par, I love you, Man. You make me laugh. Peace, Robert
  15. Chick, Oh that ain’t the purple boat. Purple boat is just purple, and for rowing. The Duck Punt up there is a grass camo, but done by a color blind guy. These little punts are supposed to be smart sailers, so I aim to find out this winter. If the kids will let me use it. It’s a replacement for their pirogue they grew out of... As to mights... Might be able to stay over there and cruise up the coast a bit before dragging all the way back here. The plan is to try and carve out 3-5 weeks. What? It ain’t like I’m going to be getting ALL the way across the country all that often, and I got lots of folks to visit over there! I will get up more pictures up, but I’ve only got 17 more pieces to attach to the boat, not counting spars. Peace, Robert
  16. Dang, now don’t you know that’s the plan? It would be quite an honor to steward your Breeze, but I need to make sure you can afford a few more projects, so we can all feel good about the arrangement. Shoot, like I don’t love watching you make stuff, too? Man, and I’m at the point where I can taste the end. It’s all waiting for stuff to dry, now. Grrr! I am close, though. Of course, I do keep getting distracted. Remember the purple rowboat? Add a duck punt to that list... Hehe. Peace, Robert
  17. So, I pretty much just glued stuff on, then cut holes in it. Peace, Robert
  18. Chick, I’m in a big rush just now because I may have scored a lucrative job. Like a trip out east early spring type job. Well, and I want to get this fool boat in the water. Hehe. Peace, Robert
  19. The decks are on, and the inside of the cabin area is painted one coat on the floor area. The modified cockpit is being installed. I’m opting for a bridge deck/side benches/ stern sheets arrangement with a sealed footwell. Not self draining, but an ENORMOUS reduction in the amount of water she can ship and hold in the cockpit, and an ENORMOUS increase in sealed bouyancy. Plus, I like to think of all that junk that CAN’T be stuffed into those “sealed”spaces. I write ”sealed” because there will be water proof ports I can remove when in storage or not in use to allow air to circulate in those areas. I plan to put a small battery and some water tankage (jugs) under the bridge deck area, to keep them out from underfoot, dry, and down where the weight will help. A little fold up “table” either side the main companion and some nets will round out the interior fit out. Well, the portaloo will get strapped down as a companion step/seat. A little more woodwork, some more glassing, some painting, and I’m done! Peace, Robert
  20. I just love you, so much. Please, please, please, enjoy! And, yeah, keep posting pictures, please. Peace, Robert
  21. I ain’t said much here since Whatshisname went all crazy on me, but that boat looks AMAZING. I know diddley squat (no pun intended) about powerboats, so I don’t know what’s up, now. I just know that is one fine looking boat. Peace, Robert
  22. I’ve been using sequoia for a while. It’s similar enough to wrc, I think, and certainly available in long, clear lengths. I’ve been getting “2x” stuff, and ripping 5/8” strips off them to make Kudzu stringers. The 1-1/2 x 5/8 pieces can Then be further reduced, as needed. They use sequoia in decks and fences. Redwood, it’s called, though they live on the coast. It’s mostly managed sequoia, we get. Sequoias are bigger, coastal redwoods are taller. Anyway, maybe try a fence and deck place. Look for 2 x 10-12 x 16’ boards. That has been my approach, anyway. Peace, Robert
  23. Well. She is on her trailer. Look at the cute little oars... How tough is water based porch and floor? She slipped during flipping and fell about six inches onto the sawhorse. No big. The little ding looked much worse before I wiped the dirt off. The missing paint was all attached to the epoxy fill coat that chipped, and the paint all around he chip is well adhered, still. Peace, Robert
  24. Glad to hear, Paul. Peace, Robert
  25. My best wishes to you all. Our family in Texas lost their homes to flood water. Peace, Robert
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