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  1. Lots of traditional joints and scarfs use pins and or hooks, but no glue. The makkusiineq scarf of Greenland, for example, uses hooks, bird's mouths, dowels and lashings, but no glue. Also, ribs are pinned into gunwales, and deck beams are sometimes dowelled into place. Lots of dowels and/or treenails are used, but not in conjunction with glue. These are SOF kayaks, I mean. Modern glue scarf done right should need no mechanical backup. Resorcinol, as far as I know, is the only glue deemed totally waterproof by the Navy, because it will pass the boil test. If you use TBIII, don't boil your boat.
  2. I'm sorry. I thought I had attached a photo link thing. I'll get help...
  3. This smart phone coerced me onto the web. Then I found the FreeB offsets and kudzu site and forum. This is not my first rodeo. I will post a picture when I put some clothes on her. Thanks for the offsets. When I figure out the store, I'll buy some stuff to repay you. By the way. FROH is no typo. Frame Resting On Horses. Got no grass...
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