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  1. Don, not a slight at Michigan. A fact. Someone in the southeast corner of the state from me is 7-8 hours, and I live nearly in the middle of the state. Barring snow, Michigan ain’t that much driving, is all. My friend is near Ann Arbor, by the by, and happy to advise, which I’m sure is what’s wanted more than actual help, right? Let me know when she’s at it, and we can connect them. Peace, Robert
  2. I have never seriously considered doing that. Very cool. Congratulations on the launch and the press! Peace, Robert
  3. I drilled holes in the hull today. On purpose. That is a weird thing to do, but the swingy bit needs hinges, and I aim to bolt them to the transom. I have not figured out how to bolt something without drilling a hole through it first. Yet. Peace, Robert
  4. I do know some folk up that a way. Not really South east, but Michigan ain’t that big. What kind of boat, though? Peace, Robert
  5. There’s a few mountain lakes around here where cats troll WITH corn. What kind of fish eats corn? Kokanee. I’m with Ken, but I’ll take streamers over foam bugs. Peace, Robert Also, this thread title is misleading. I didn’t know this was a full sized boat. I thought it was going to be tiny.
  6. Nope. Jinxed us both. I ripped mine all apart and started afresh. It still very rough. Of course, I didn’t get sick, but I have been this year, so we’re even. Get better. Peace, Robert
  7. Chick, it’s clear. Nobody can tell it’s missing. Peace, Robert
  8. Hey. Weight. Isn’t that the THIRD rudder blade? And final. About to get glassed. Along with the leeboard, which corner can be seen. All this nonsense happens on a shower curtain...:) Peace, Robert
  9. Lovely. My friend’s mom (who is 70 plus years old...) has always sewn on her grandmother’s machine, since she was married and moved away from home. It sewed all her clothes as a girl, including her wedding dress. Hard to believe the service that machine has given. Dozens of amazing Halloween costumes were born on that thing. They are lovely to sew with, really, though I’m ham fisted, at best. Peace, Robert
  10. If that really is a treadle powered sewing machine serving as the after boat horse, you are my new hero. Bonus points if it works and you sew a sail for your boat on it. Peace, Bugs
  11. Yeah, but... Oh, right. DON’T say it. I think (I can hear you giggling!) on a small boat a “regular” style house robs too much room, but I AM with Chick in that I like houses a bit more than raised flush deck, as far as looks go. Usually. The raised flush deck does evoke that “commuter” look, though, yeah? And, on some boats it just looks “right”. We all know what I mean, eh? Nothing else matters, really, as long as you paint her orange. Peace, Robert
  12. Here I was just thinking Don’s the only one who seems sane, at all. Well, relatively speaking. Peace, Robert
  13. These things are easy to do when you just make it up as you go. There really was nothing wrong with the other layout, either, it was just heavier than I wanted to lean over the boat with. It actually looked and worked quite nicely, and I’m second guessing myself. Still, every part I’ve redone has been markedly better than what it replaced, so a,do-over isn’t all bad. Plus, I’ll be right back to where I was in one half day’s work. Peace, Robert
  14. Today I went crazy and cut every piece of wood off the hatch cover, except the outer, lower strips. And those I beveled heavily. I made a snazzy little lip to go around the mast hole, for the boot, and tomorrow I’ll attach it, along with the new, much simplified hatches. The new hatches are to be from the same clear plastic as the drop boards and deadlights, now, see? And the sliding hatch will have a “garage” now, in the simpler design. Simpler and lighter are the watchwords. The whole shebang will be less than half the weight it was even though the other cover wasn’t all that bad. I just wanted it simpler, as I won’t evwn use it during most outings, substituting a cloth cover for the slot top. The partners are all bolted in, and the foils are ready to be attached. This stupid thing is fitting to be a boat, y’all! Yeah, I know, pictures. I’ll take them, I’ll take them. Peace, Robert
  15. They make a goofy plastic lattice that is perfect for the bottom of areas like that anchor locker. It emulates those lattices made from slats of wood, but in some durable injected plastic. Tough, easy to cut, drains well, and easy to remove and clean. It works awesome in the bottom of a footwell, too... Finish the hatch weekend? We are on the same weekend. The forward hatch I’m making just hinges, though, and the slider is rough and ready, so my work is WAY easier than yours. Still. Hatch buds! Your perseverance on this project is commendable and inspirational. This is an enormous amount of work to do around a full life, and especially a life that keeps offering “speed bumps”. Thanks for this. Even if I rarely comment, I’ve been watching your build. Just keep swimming... Peace, Robert
  16. Columbus? The dude from Ohio? He built boats from plywood cause they ain’t no TREES in Ohio. Duh. Now, as to this glue, I understand they used squished bugs and horsehair, plus 152,897 tiny copper tacks per panel. Anyway, that’s what I heard. True, it WAS a pumpkin vine, not a grape vine I heard from, but still. That whole business about coming to America to find plywood has just got to be made up, because everyone knows there ain’t no good plywood cut nor made here. Hehe. Besides, EVERYONE knows Colombus was searching for tomatoes for his pizza pie. Peace, History Buffer
  17. What did the dung beetle say to the bunny? Hey, Buddy, spare a few of those ready rolls? Welcome to the Builds Boats In The House Club. I have done nine, although six of those were sof kayaks, so hardly count. They make almost no dust, and there are no epoxy globules. Hehe. This is one of the coolest threads, ever. Peace, Hrairoo edited to add: hard headed like a granite statue is funny. My good friend is a retired DI, and he is full of funnyisms such as that. My favorite (family friendly version; he has some that will peel paint) is “harder than woodpecker lips”. Harhar.
  18. Chick, Don’t be fibbing and exaggerating. Everyone knows gopherwood means plywood. Duh. It’s just that it was domestic ply, made from local cedars, and not imported, exotic ply, so nobody wants to give it any mention. Hehehe. Also, does fiberglass boat building count as boat building? Harhar. Peace, Robert
  19. That would be 92% done, 98% to go, Ken. There’s a bunch unpainted, yet. Peace, Robert
  20. Oh, Chick, I can’t paddle anymore. It causes too much pain. Towards the end of a long day, I can actually feel the stuff grinding when I rotate my body. There ain’t much disc left in most of those lumbar junctions. Rowing, so far, does not seem to aggravate me the same way, even if it does just suck compared to paddling. ”Oh, look, there’s where we were...” The purple boat is awesome to row, but not with the childcub and human sized dog aboard. Also, we don’t have any quick to use boats we can sleep right in the bottom of. See, all water below mean high tide is public land, here, so we can camp in the boat in places we can’t camp on land. Me and tiny ain’t averse to calling sleeping in the bilge of a boat in your clothes under a tarp to be camping. Plus, a boat pulled up in the shallows with a tarp over it don’t look like it’s full of folks. As much. Hehe. I stole a whole bunch of inspiration from Jim Michalak. Well, I stole the open interior with canoe style thwarts. I’ll row sitting on a little ditty box with paired stretcher. Having no frames inside is really cool. The box and no frames I stole, gratuitously. The shape? Well, I amalgamated about 14 different skiff panel layouts, tested a few shapes with balsa, then settled on my “own” middle ground shape. It’s the usual odd banana these things are, a shape that looks like it would be almost anything EXCEPT a boat. Likewise, I averaged mold forms, made one, bent, made another, bent, etc. I think she may have a bit TOO much rocker, but I did want a narrow bottom. Well, narrowish. We needed just enough room to cuddle down there. Alternatively, the boat will be used to row around The Queen of All Things. She already decided leaning against the transom with a refreshment is quite comfy, and I should hurry so I can row her around. Then she asked if I was done with the other boat yet. Then she asked if I was done fixing up HER powerboat, yet... Luckily, I recently replaced half the kitchen counters and installed a new sink. The other half of the counters (galley style) will be replaced soon, with a wooden butcher block top, and a custom cabinet. Mind, I did the whole dining room with window seats this past year, new floors in the hallways and master (hardwood, tied into the original stuff), and a new bathroom, exclusive of tub, but I finally found a “new” tub. And the rose garden, kitchen garden, never ending painting and repainting (I’ve added maybe 1/4” of paint to the living room walls)... There will be PLENTY of time to sit still when I die. Peace, Robert
  21. All I remember for sure is she’s 157” from the stem to each corner. I’ll have to measure the rest to make sure, but I think max beam is around 40”. I’ll check, and get a profile picture. Lots of rocker, that’s sure. Peace, Robert
  22. Chick, She just a flatiron skiff for me and the kids to guerilla camp with during softball season. Lots of small water near softball tourneys. Peace, Robert
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