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  1. Not bumpkin. You can ride up front, with us. ? Man, oh, Man, but I’m excited, y’all. Seriously. The rudder and leeboard are glassed both sides, needing only the leading edges wrapped and trailing edges faired. I’ll take pictures, now. A couple side projects have cropped up, but are no big deal. I’m deep in the wait for epoxy to cure so I can sand it phase, again, anyway... Peace, Robert
  2. Well, Katey bar the door, I figured it out! It turns out, it was something Frank did, not me. Whew! I’m still a genius, y’all. Hahahahahaha. Anyway. Here’s the spot where the boomkin will go. Thanks Frank, for making this cool place. Really. Many thanks. Peace, Once Again Computering (with a phone...)
  3. Excellent. I, however, remain incapable of posting pictures. No big loss. Peace, Robert
  4. Well, I can’t attach any pictures. It can’t be file size, because I can’t post pictures I’ve already posted. I tried re-posting the traveller and leeboard mount again, and got the error message. I can’t post pictures anymore. I’m not going to keep trying. I don’t know. My dreams came true and I can disappear back into my garop to blunder on alone? This all seems pointless if I can’t post pictures. I’ll describe things, then. I’m very poetical with my prose, you knows? Peace, Boomkin Bob
  5. Don’t ask me. There is a literal STACK of boats other side of the garop. That don’t include the 4 on trailers, nor the two leaning against the wall out front for casual use by droppers by. (I got a few friends what fish, and I leave a few wee ones out front, for quick pickup fishing trips...) That said, if I had 25k I’d snatch that beautiful boat up in one heartbeat! You did a very fine job. Someone is going to get a sweet boat. What’s the next boat, by the by? I stick to wee little ones, so they stack easily. Peace, Robert
  6. I keep getting an error message when I try to post photos, now. I can’t post photos of the mizzen step, sheet horse, or boomkin. They're there. Peace, Robert
  7. Now, Chick... Don't you know I got several lists? The list for the pedal car is stagnant, just now. The list for the Sneakeasy keeps growing. The list for old #55? Oy. It’s epic. I had to build a shed just for that list. The simple boats I don’t make lists for. Like the skiff I made a while ago. Or the little boat me and the kids are building now. Pure lumberyard nonsense boat. The trimaran list keeps growing, and I don’t even have a set of lines settled on, yet. Well, the amas are done. I think I’ve drawn some pretty slick amas... Wait. What the heck were we talking about? Oh yeah, the lists for the treehouse remodel, and the pole lathe remodel, and the garden, and... Peace, Robert
  8. We just always used our pungent coffee breath. Back when we had oil based stuff. I’m so used to water clean up stuff, now... Peace, Robert
  9. This boat. You know what happened? The list stopped growing. You know the list of tasks for the boat? And, how every item crossed of makes three more to be added? No more. I’ve got just a dozen left. I simply cannot think of a single item to add. The list is final, complete, and nearly done. Of course, just as I near the end, the weather gets cold and rainy, again. Glassing on hold, again. Just a few pieces left... No matter. I just futzed with the car and the next boat. Wait. What? Peace, Robert P.S. I will admit to being easily distracted at this stage, too. I’m probably up to 100 hours of cabin time, and easily as much cockpit time. Dreaming, imagining, dreaming... I promise, this is almost over. Of course, almost is a relative term. I may mean almost in the geological sense...;) Peace, Squeegee Glassington III
  10. This is for a four inch mast. Probably to big. Plus, if you used this on a boat Down Under it would just slide off the mast and fall into space. Daughter was most impressed with the fact I just bent it by eye, and it came out round! Duh! That’s what I do! Haha. The funniest part is I was too lazy to sew leather on, and I think the ring bolt hitches actually look cooler. What size was it you needed, again? Peace, String Theorist
  11. I missed this. Jeff, that looks slick. The paintjob is terrible, though. Seriously, what are the basic numbers? 16-17’ long by ? I’m assuming (uh-oh) a moderate beam, as it’s to be paddled. Any chance your outrigger oarlock deal, or somesuch like it, could be fitted, too? I mean, a single/double/row boat would be pretty cool. Maybe impossible. Still. I think it’s a great idea to explore, and I volunteer to help beta test. My friend recently moved and they have a private 2 acre pond! I took my freeb over there and and she lives the dream life of a kayak, now. Just off a pond in a little lean to, waiting to be paddled, and not waiting long, anymore, with all the willing paddlers and water so near. Anyway. Peace, Robert
  12. This the traveler for the yard on the main mast. The mizzen won’t have one. Peace, Robert
  13. Haha. Just giving you guff. You're actually the guy who convinced me to use Titebond III with impugnity. I’ve used it on sof stringers, spars, oars, paddles, and a daggerboard and two rudder blades. I love it, as long as there are good fits. Peace, Robert
  14. Now, Jeff, be honest... You scarf stringers, too, sometimes. Peace, Robert
  15. I wouldn’t use Titebond to glue stringers to plywood frames. Of course, I’d never glue stringers to plywood frames for a sof boat, but, then, that’s me. Now, for gluing stringer scarfs, I’d use Titebond without hesitation. Were I gluing stringers to plywood for a sof boat, (again, I never would) and didn’t want to use thickened epoxy, I’d be apt to use one of the tube type construction adhesives. There are a few polyurethane tube glues (the kind you use with a caulking gun) that have proven to work well enough in dry launched boats. Shoot, one sof designer even slathers his boats with the stuff on the outside! Peace, Robert
  16. Here is the thing the leeboard will bolt through... It is glued and glassed to the hull, and a bolt will go through it and the board. The board is also glassed both sides, now, and only needs reinforcement on the leading edges and the aft edge glassed over, then built up with thickened epoxy and carved into a hard, sharp edge. The upper board mount/brace is due to be glued and glassed on today and/or tomorrow. The rudder blade and stock need glassed as well, and are next in the queue. The cockpit seats and mizzen step/partner are the final pieces to be glassed and prepped. This is almost over! First thing I’m doing is taking a nap in the cabin... Peace, Sandy Glassman
  17. Man, I love all youse guys, which is why I still come around. This place is amazing. I ain’t down on this place, or any of y’all. I never did Facebook or anything else, either. Too much for me. There are a few other joints I been to, but didn’t stay. Too many nasty people. Why is everyone so angry and mean? I ain’t gonna leave, leave, you know? I ain’t gonna quit coming around, or nothing. I mean, I do have the core sound I gotta finish. I just sometimes put actual thoughts and feelings out there, like a doof. Small matter. I’m wrapping up the yard traveller for the main mast, and I’ll post a pic later. The weather turned, again, so it’ll be a few days before I get back to glassing. I like it to be fairly arid and above 50 all day/night. Right now it’s chilly and damp. I’ll chip away at what I can, and futz with other stuff. Peace, Robert
  18. By LA, do you mean Los Angeles? That ain’t too far a drive for me... Your boat looks WAAAAAY nicer than those others, eh. Really. It’s a lovely job, a lovely boat, and a lovely colour! Peace, Robert
  19. Great cheesy slinky, I got glass on the board, finally! Hahaha. One side got a layer of glass on the blade, two up near the pivot area, and about 1,749 layers around the “knob” that the lanyard pulls on. I cut about 398 little triangles out of cloth and stuck them on willy-nilly around the corners. I’ll do the other side this evening, and the rudder blade, too. The leading edges of both foils will get some extra layers of glass, for the depth sounder function. I spent about 17 minutes total yesterday spinning the sheave in the masthead. It spins so freely and nicely now, every time I walk by, I go “bzzzz”, “bzzzz”. Haha. Chick, I already started in on the next thing. There are actually a couple boat projects in the works, but I’m not going to post about them. One is very experimental, and the other is very ugly and dumb. And experimental. Like everything I do, they’ll be cheap and goofy. I just don’t see the need to post more cheap and goofy crap on the web. There’s plenty out there. And, I certainly don’t want to defend my cheap and goofy boats anymore, nor my build techniques or choices. I’m dumb, and I guess a lot. Actually, the whole running my mouth of on the internet opining and posting about matters has really begun to drag on me. I sometimes wish I could delete the whole shebang from the web, go back in time and never even get on. It was a Kudzu kayak that turned me into a forum poster. The feeling of being an idiotic blabbermouth has never left. I just hate it. Some may have noticed my decline in posting. It started when my boat was called crap, and has snowballed since. I DO still got old #55 on the back burner, though. Dang, I might can have a proper thread in BandB... Anyway. I hope to have some photos of this stupid thing with stepped masts soon. Peace, Almost Done! P.S. The dark line near the lower aft edge is filler. I dig out some iffy wood, and replaced it with filler.
  20. Who are you? Are you me? Peace, Chief Uncivilized (Heck, I Don’t Even Hardly Wear Shoes, Except On The Motorbike...) P.S. Not just the goofery, neither. I did wax romantic about the longboard on my own build thread. I use double stick carpet tape if the paper ain’t pre sticky. Boat looks good, Man!
  21. Alex, No worries, at all. I assure you, nobody expecting to stay aboard will ever attempt to walk on the cabin top of this boat! I was also cognizant of the fact the a lot cover couldn’t interfere with the utility of the slot, which is an integral feature of the boat. I have been picking away. I finally made a halyard sheave I can live with, and installed it with a bushing and bolt. I also made a mainsail boom outhaul sheave I can live with, and I’ll install it later today. That will be the end of the soar work until I get a sail and get it all set up. Then I can determine the best leads for all the lines. Where to put the topping lift blocks for best effect, for example. The mizzen mast and step/partner are done, and the spars are being glued up. The rest of the boat waits for a clean weather window. I need to glass a few more bits, glue on a few more bits forever, and finish up the painting. Aside from the last few gluings and the paint, she’s done, aside from rigging. I hope to have her wet, soon, and I will certainly throw down a few cruises this summer and fall. I’ll get some detail pics later, and an overall pretty soon. I’m going to roll her out and step the spars, soon. Peace, Robert P.S. And I’m chipping away at this...
  22. You know it! The spars are nearly done. I got the spinny thingy put into the mast and boom tip, and gross holes in the yard and inboard boom ends. Shoot, I need to make the yard, boom and boomkin for the mizzen... Well, back to it... Peace, Chief Thingie
  23. Here are the thingies that hold the thingies in front of the thingy so stuff doesn't get into it and get all your thingies wet. Well, they’re just roughly screwed into place. The gluing and all will happen by and by. Peace, Robert
  24. Alex, No bother at all, especially as you are 100% correct. The hatch for the slot top is only for expedition type sailing, like when I expect to encounter conditions that will capsize the boat, and/or when expecting rain, and for when I want to leave the boat, and keep my stuff “secure”. Most of the time, we’ll use the boat without the cover, or with a cloth top. Which is why I wanted to make it easy to attach firmly, but also as unobtrusively as possible. The cleats I ended up using will do double duty by securing the cloth top when we use that. And they make wonderful hand holds... The stepping and unstepping of the mast will be made more difficult, as will rigging it, but those are both tiny prices to pay, because the difficulty only increases minutely. The mast hole I made has tapered inner edges, which lead into the partners, which are slanted at the right angle for the mast. Standing in the main hatch, I can set the heel of the mast on the edge of the ring, and stand the mast up. The mast really isn’t that heavy, which surprised me. I can, for example, lift it from the skinny end... Once it’s in the mast hole/partner slot, it can’t really go anywhere else but into the step, but even small corrections should be easy to make. As to the stability, despite the five panel hull and relatively narrow bottom, I’ve been assured these are fairly stable boats, and I don’t think stepping the mast should be a problem. But, if my weight and that of this mast combined will heel this boat dangerously at rest, there is no way I’ll sail it anywhere. I already dislike monohulls with their wasteful heeling, but if this turns out to be THAT tiddly of a boat, she’s gone. Peace, Robert
  25. One of the cleats the hatch bolts to. It needs a little rounding and painting, and then the hole drilled bigger, filled, and redrilled. Peace, Robert
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