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  1. Dang. I am very tempted... Laminated coaming? Curious, is all. I may get this and build it for a guy I know. What a deal! Peace, Robert
  2. You should paint it the color green money used to be. Looking good... Peace, Robert P.S. Track? Cool! I am old, but I can still turn out a 2:01 800, and back it with a 5:42 mile twenty minutes later.
  3. Oh, I won’t ever stop contributing, when I got something relatively germane and useful. I just know when I’ve said enough. And when I’m not sure what the heck I’m talking about. I am a big believer in Jeff and his boats. They are the most practical way to build a beautiful boat. Period. And he’s is as cool as boat designers get. And, dang, don’t you just want to sit down on the porch and hang out with him, after seeing the videos? If I can be of any help to anyone, I’m happy. Usually I just keep learning stuff. I mean, no matter how many you do, you always learn. If you’re not careful. Peace, Robert
  4. I’m confused. I thought we were discussing stapling skin to stems? If it’s stapling skin in the whole boat, I’m out. Never done it, never will. Stapling skin on stems I’ve done, though. Anyway. I hardly ever reply to anything because of this type confusion and my own dumbness. Sorry. Back on silent. Peace, Robert
  5. Honestly, this is one reason I don’t like staples. I always sew up my stems. In fact, I think sewing is easier than stapling in every case. But, when I staple, I start at the keel and work up to the sheer. Start with one side, get it taut, then cut the excess off. Then start on the other side. The “bunch” or “overlap” of “fold” or what have you will become very apparent. All this depends so much on the individual boat, you know? There is no ONE answer, because there are so many variables. The rub strip will cover all the staple, so, yes, put them in the face. Peace, Robert
  6. That’s for stretchy nylon. For the polyester, just pull one side over, add a few staples, move along, add a few more. I put staples at a slight angle to the pull of the cloth so the legs are pulling on different warp/wefts. Less likely to tear holes, I think. Cut that side off, then repeat with the other side, either stapling between the other staples, or over them in a fancy “x” pattern. Be careful trimming the edges! Peace, Robert
  7. In light of this, let me take the time to say how much I appreciate all of you. Especially when you bust my chops, even if I do act like a baby about it. I care deeply about my cadre of “invisible” friends. I’m so glad of this interface which allows us to be friends, as I fear the world would have prevented many of us from ever beginning a friendship. Percieved differences based on looks just don’t apply here, and that’s the best thing about it. I’ve no doubt most of my internet friends would have eschewed me in the corporeal world. Shoot, I do! Anyway. Aside from Paul, know I love all y’all. Peace, Robert P.S. Incidentally, a life long friend took his own life last Monday. The Tiger is not having a good end to last month, y’all. Hug your loved ones, today. Tell them all how you feel. Everyday. Tell everyone.
  8. Damn. Damn damn damn. Peace, Robert P.S. Paul was very cool to me. We had many conversations off the forum about boats and such. He taught me a lot.
  9. Hey, Slowpoke. You forgot the Trademark and Copyrights on Garop. Harhar. By the way, there will be no patience for you. I got all three tied up over here, sweating. They never seen a case of antsy pants like mine, and even such powers as those are strained by my idiocy. Hahaha. Wait? No! I cain’t do it! Please help me! Well, if you’d hold still, so we could zap some patience into you... Your boat looks awesome, Buddy. Just relax. It’ll all come together in due time. That’s how the plan works. Peace, More Slower At Building Boats Than You!
  10. Look. Everyone knows I’m an expert, right? If you want to get your boat done more quickly, don’t build other boats at the same time. That’s my advice. Ahem. (Yes, wiseacre, I AM building the FOURTH small boat confident to the “big” boat. What?! I’m sick. ) Also, lists are terrible liars. I was down to the last page on my list for almost a month. So, how did it grow to three pages again? Drop bears, probably. Amos, you’re an inspiration. We must encourage each other, because we who build boats are the only ones who know what’s up. The rest of the world has no idea. It’s so sad. I must warn you, though, your kids are probably ruined for life over this. Mine love boats, and building stuff, especially boats. Weirdos. Keep it up, Brother. All the worst is behind you. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Peace, Robert
  11. Worse, Ken. That’s a picture of me actually WORKING! Seriously, that day was my oldest son’s girlfriend’s birthday, so we took her to the lake, for the second time in her life, and later I took all the bigs to a rock and roll show. I was the older guy with the earplugs... Peace, Robert
  12. I hope this picture doesn’t tilt over... Peace, Robert Sweet! It didn’t. Haha. The real reason the boat ain’t done, yet. Peace, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. Well, this schtick don’t fly everywheres. Thanks. One day I’ll get this boat done. Meanwhile, the pedal car, duck punt, and rowing skiffs are wasting all my time. Man, I built some oars based on curragh oars, and they sure do work fine. And, so far, rowing ain’t kill my back like paddling. It’s weird though, gauging where you going based on where you been. Wait. What? Hahaha. Anyway, I’m back to glassing the last few bits and edges (which means RE-glassing over areas I needed to remove, and also, a bit, wrapping the last little corners and edges) and painting. And sanding. And splicing. Dang, I love making grommets in single braid. Peace, Robert
  14. If you are a ham-handed, amateur fool, playing at building boats, this is how you make the mizzen sheet block which will reside at the end of the boomkin. Yes, the unpainted portions will be touched up, after I’m sure all the potential chafing bits on all the potential leads are filed away... The paint is for uv protection, and because I ain’t fancy one bit. Peace, Robert
  15. Jeff, My buddy, and the guy I get B.B. ply from, does CNC cutting, but not water. I would be happy to connect you two, if you’d like. Peace, Robert
  16. The steering “wheel” for the car, Chick. Well, the plan, and test pieces... The sailboat is getting stuff glassed and faired. It looks the same everyday. Grrrrrrr! Hahahahaha. The sailboat is also getting little things like blocks and chocks made. The bow anchor rode chocks will be this extra dense fir I got hold of. Same wood is being used for the various block bodies I’m making. The whole boat will have spectra stropped, wood blocked sheaves. Why not? There are, like 6 blocks. Hahaha. Oh, the sheaves are nylon, and I cut them with a hole saw then turn them on a converted drill press turned mini lathe. I use a 1/8” chisel, a rat tail file, and a chainsaw file to make the sheaves. Then I drill them out for a press fit oilite bushing. Strops are spliced into a grommet, then seized in place with whipping twine, or stretched into place, depending. You know, that old saw... Peace, Block Head
  17. Drop bears are notorious tool movers. Also, you guys should use my P.I.L.E. method: I know every tool I own is in THAT pile, right there... Peace, Robert
  18. Fuselage frame... Just another teaser for Chick. Yes, I’m still picking away at the boat. I’m finishing and preparing to install anchor rode chocks on the bow, just now. Baby steps... Peace, Robert
  19. Omar, I have all but stopped giving advice. But, I always use porch and floor paint on my boats. The newer types are single pot polyurethane type paints. And water cleanup. Peace, Robert
  20. Boats? Hahaha. And, by the by, I can NOT sing. My singing resembles, say, a bear and a chainsaw arguing over who wants to kill the dying moose more. Peace, Robert
  21. Ha! I have been to Don Ho Street. Paid my homage. Here is my real hero, though. The incomparable Iz. https://youtu.be/V1bFr2SWP1I Warning: this video contains scenes of the most beautiful funeral ever. I simply cannot get through the video without welling up. But, the coolest uke player I’ve ever heard is this guy: https://youtu.be/wVxaXODmA9Q Peace, Robert
  22. Okay, Aldi(s) fiddling around is my kind of tune. However cool a uke paddle would be, I just couldn’t play such a thing. First, all my paddles (and oars) have long, thin blades. Almost stick-like. Hehe. Not much room for resonating. Second, I am pretty spoiled by the uke I have now, and any other instrument I own must exceed the capabilities of it. I don’t see a paddle sounding better. And I surely don’t see any uke I make sounding better. Still. I like that some people make weird stuff with their time. There’s lots of folks what don’t do much with their time but criticize others on the web. Peace, Tiny Bubbles (Not Tim. I Wish I Could Sing That Well...)
  23. Banjo? Banjo? I only play Portuguese derived high top string instruments. However, I do play my uke clawhammer and banjo style, three finger picking. Rolls on a uke sound awesome. The uke has wrecked both my guitar and banjo playing, though... There are rumors I may acquire some VERY old, VERY dense redwood chunks with which to make a top and back for a new uke. Coincidentally, I am in the middle of a banjo build. It will be octagonal, and all wood, in the style of old Appalachian type clawhammer banjos. Ash neck and body with a cedar top. Oh. Oldest son plays bass. We are set! Peace, I Play A Concert Size Uke, So It’s Not THAT Goofy Looking To Watch.
  24. Oh, my, Chick. We really are related, somehow. Katey Bar the Door, and Katey-Did were the refrains we tortured a poor sweet Katey we knew at summer camp with. She was a sweet natured as good looking, so endured our teasing with the grace only a young woman can possess. Dang. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, eh? And, as to the thread? Holy smokes, Son, I believe we done covered every topic known to man on this one, here. Please, somebody bring up fiddles so we can be quit of it. And, no, I don’t mean nautical lips to prevent spillage, I mean the squee-squaw bow box what always gets all the credit in bluegrass and country. Hehe. While the gloop cures, I plan to work on the car a bit and some other boat project. I’m making tiny blocks. I’ll put up a few more pictures later, now that I can again. I’ll get some boat pics, even. Haha. And, seriously, Frank, thank you. This is the simplest to use, most pleasant to visit and participate in forum on the web. Really. I’ve quit visiting a few forums because they were tough to use and full of butt-hats. Peace, Robert P.S. My other boat project right now is a collaboration between the kids and I. I do believe it is the stupidest and most brilliant thing ever. The best part about the kids, and working/making things with them, is their open eyes. If we can get our minds and eyes to think and see like them, the world becomes a new thing. Say! Didn’t some guy named Joshua say somesuch about being childlike?
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